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Pioneers Win the Hike Day

         It’s that day again. The day for the Pok-O-Moonshine campers to shuttle out into different areas of the Adirondack Forest. Some didn’t go so far and others ventured out to the High Peaks for the summits of Phelps, Street and Nye. All-in-all, a

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A Graced Day for a Hike!

        We announced a new 46’r in an earlier blog post today. Eliza finished her 46th ascent this afternoon and became the first for the 113th summer at Pok-O-MacCready Camps.  On the list of all-time camp 46’rs she is 397th.  She finished on Grace

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Camp Week 2 Recap (video)

Another week has sped past! Good thing there are 5 more! Check out the rest of our videos here.

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Robots, Wrecks, Eagles and a Buffet Lunch.

              Nearby bodies of water are gems of being a Pok-O-MacCready camper.  Surrounding our peninsular grounds is the magical Long Pond. East of camp, bordering Vermont and New York is Lake Champlain. From a short hike up one of our “Pok-O Patch”

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To Dip or Not To Dip…

  “There is no question! If one has the ability to dip, a dip should be had!’                               -An Ancient Camp Proverb                 All those who have spent summers at Pok-O-MaCready Camps

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Pok-O Plays Ball!

        Today at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, we played baseball.  “America’s pastime” is a fitting activity for the holiday.  Our opponents came from Camp Lincoln, “the camp down the road”, and showed up with a mixed age team, so our two boys’ teams combined for the game.

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The Revolution is Here!

                Rain sent the armies back to their camps on Saturday, but by Monday the sun was shining.  It was a fitting day for a re-revolution and the following day is actually Independence Day.  The Pok-O-MacCready Camp Rev War is

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Ask the Campers

  If not in Robinson Hall, where would you like to eat a meal? Abbi: “Boat Docks” Kylor: “Wooden Raft” Graciella: “Picnic Table outside” 

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Camp Week 1 Recap (Video)

Here is a quick look at our first week!   Stay tuned at the end of each week for more! Click here for more 2017 Summer Camp Videos. For our picture gallery click here.

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Summer Class Ain’t Bad!

                Today was the first day of classes! It’s an exciting, but confusing time.  The schedules are passed out to the campers and not long after, they head out to their meeting locations.  Since it is only the first day,

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The Annual Sheep Roundup

Today we got a chance to take a break from answering phone calls and emails in the office to relocate our sheep for the winter.  We move our two sheep, André and Lady Baba, from the Homestead down to the Sugar Cube Barn, where we install a

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Photo of The Week

  Ever wonder what camp looks like outside of summer? Today is the first installment of a *new* weekly recurring blog series! We had our first snow fall here in Willsboro last week. That led us to talking about how most campers and camp families do not

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Adirondack Summer Camp: Over a century of tradition!

What comes to mind when you hear the words, “Adirondack Summer Camp?”  Do you think of waking up to the call of the bugle and gathering with your comrades around the cobblestone fireplace of the dining hall before enjoying a hearty breakfast, made with ingredients from the

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