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“We are a staff of people that want to spend time with kids, and make kids laugh, and are amused by kids, while also conscious of the charge that’s been placed on us: treating kids as if they’re your own.”   –Caleb: counselor, section head, assistant Headmaster





“Every counselor has something that they can teach kids. Some kids need to feel empowered, others need a parent, while others want a cool older sister. It’s sometimes crazy, but a fun crazy! Unlike the real world, here it’s cool to make a fool of yourself!   –“Trout”: current section head

A successful summer camp experience starts with a well trained and enthusiastic staff. Pok-O-MacCready Camps prides itself on our administration and counselors, with an industry high return rate.
Many of our staff are former campers and thus contributes to the “family” feeling at Pok-O, while new staff members contribute fresh ideas and innovations to insure our program continues to strengthen.
The success of our camp is due to the vital role our staff play and directly contributes to creating a safe, nurturing environment for our campers which, in turn, enables kids to develop their highest potential.

“As for being a counselor for so many years, why do I keep coming back?  To feel like a kid again. ‘Hoot with the owls, soar with the eagles’. Arrive early, stay late, work hard, push through, etc. This is how I live my life.”
– Suzanne: camper, counselor and program specialist




“The amount of things we pack into a day is absurd, but a week flies by. Time is not standard here. When I come to camp, the rest of world stops and I don’t worry about everything, or the passage of time, or stress or distractions.”
– Nathan: camper, counselor, section head


It is a full-time  job, beginning with reveille or the wake-up bell each day, for eight weeks, and closing each evening when you crawl wearily into bed. And you will have a blast; You’ll make great friends! The counselors who return year after year do so because they love the job.

On paper, your responsibilities might include coaching, teaching, guiding, helping, fostering and molding campers, be it in the cabin or during an activity. This is all true. But a counselor’s most important work is not necessarily in the job description. A counselor is someone who loves spending time with campers, getting to know them well, talking, joking, teaching, and even learning from them. This is what makes the camping experience important for both you and the campers.

Basic Staff FAQs

Hired staff will receive a full handbook and information packet several weeks prior to their arrival.

Is there Internet access at Camp?
Yes. We have limited Internet access in our office and staff lounge. This is made available to staff during their time off throughout the summer.

How do I get paid while at camp?
You will be paid by check every two weeks.

How do I get to camp?
You are welcome to bring a car, but we are happy to help arrange transportation for you.

FYI:  The nearest airports are Burlington, VT, Plattsburgh, NY and Montreal.

What is the weather like at camp?
During the day at camp the weather is usually in the in the 80’s (Fahrenheit) or mid 20’s (Celsius). The nights can get cold in the beginning and toward the end of camp.

Will I get a day off?
Absolutely!  You will receive one day off each week.  There are so many fun areas to explore around camp, with fellow staff members.  You can relax on a lake, hike in the Adirondacks, shop and dine in nearby towns and cities, or just relax on camp!

Where will I be living at camp?
Most of our staff live in the cabins with campers. Program heads and some other key staff live apart from the campers.

What do I do if I have any questions?
Call us at 518-963-7656. You can also email us HERE

2021 Pok-O-MacCready Staff Schedule

Wilderness Leadership Training: June 15-17
For staff hired to lead wilderness trips

“Pre-Camp” Staff Orientation: June 18-26
Workshops… certification courses…. class and section prep…. games (right)… bonding

Camp Season: June 27 – August 14
Long days, unrivaled fun!

Optional Reunion – Family Camp Week: August 16-22

* Contact us about the possibility of early arrival— there’s plenty to do at camp starting in the spring


AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY:  Director of Marketing and Admissions (Year-round)

Please CONTACT camp regarding available positions for 2021, including:

Counselors, Program specialists, and Kitchen staff

Camp Directors


Jack Swan

President Emeritus

Jack served as Pok-O’s principal owner and President from 1963-2020 and is responsible for – among other things – creating the girl’s camp, the outdoor education center, and the 1812 Homestead.  His energy and passion for camp is unrivaled. In the past, he also served as a teacher, lecturer and college recruiter. When not at camp (which is rare), Jack, 46er #267, can be found with his nose buried in a history book.


Kathleen (“Kat”) Moser

Executive Director

Kat has spent every summer of her life at summer camps. Having done most jobs at camp, she has a vast knowledge of what makes camp fun and safe. Kat spent 10 years working for the Y in both camp and aquatics departments. She has a passion for developing strong programs and positive leaders in both campers and staff. Kat welcomed her first child, Juniper, in 2020! Aside from being a mom, her favorite things include going on adventures with her husband Brandon (camp’s maintenance coordinator) and dog, Copper.


Josh Bornt

Headmaster of Pok-O-Moonshine

Not even a pandemic could keep Josh away from his 21st consecutive summer at Pok-O-MacCready, where he helped coordinate summer projects. A former counselor and section head, In 2008 Josh became the Headmaster of Pok-O-Moonshine.  Aside from running the boy’s camp, Josh teaches volleyball and tie-dyes shirts for virtually every camper.  In the off-season, Josh is a high school special education teacher and volleyball coach Middleburgh NY. 

“What makes you quirky in the outside world makes you awesome at camp” – Josh Bornt


Jen Fierman

Camp MacCready Director

Favorite Camp Event: Slide Shows

2019 marked the first summer as girl’s camp director for Jen, but she came wholly prepared. Prior to serving as assistant director to Camp MacCready, Jen also served in the capacity of camper, counselor, section head, and outdoor education instructor.

The first camp female to finish her Adirondack 46ers entirely as a camper, Jen’s lifelong commitment to camp includes her marriage to husband Sean, whom she met at camp!

Senior Camp Staff


Ken “Squeaky” Herz

Camp Operations

 “Squeaky” has been affiliated with camp for 50 years as a camper, counselor, section head and assistant headmaster. In recent years he focuses on the details of everything not covered by other staff while teaching conditioning and fishing. During the year, He is a fourth grade teacher in Vermont.


Jacob Gittler

Wilderness Director

Gittler first came to Pok-O as a 9-year old Pioneer, when he climbed Cascade mountain as his first Adirondack 46er. Two decades and many memorable hiking trips later, he considers Wilderness Director the best job at Pok-O- MacCready. When not at camp, Jake lives in Colorado working as a teacher. In his free time he enjoys watching hockey, trail running, and skiing.


Dena Greenman

Administration & Recruitment

Dena arrived at Pok-O 30 years ago, and has been a counselor, section head and assistant director. Currently, she assists with recruiting campers while managing the camp office and store during the summer, and doing a multitude of errands to help campers and staff.  Dena lives in Vermont, where she is co-owner of The Vermont Table Company.


Sue, Shannon & Christa

Nursing Staff

Tireless with their work, enthusiastic with the staff, and serving as both a health provider and substitute mom to our campers, the staff showcase the finest in camp spirit and professionalism.  While Christa, “Super” Sue and Shannon work year-round as school or hospital nurses, they all admit that their greatest professional joy is the eight weeks spent at Pok-O-MacCready.

Program Specialists

(Check back for updated list)



Assistant Girl’s Camp Director



Assistant Boy’s Camp Headmaster



Cook & Kitchen Manager


Skip: Sports

Tim:  Drama


Hannah: Wilderness

Peter:  Blacksmith


Ali: Waterfront

Sarah:  Riding

Board of Directors


Tom Reinckens

Board President

Sharp Swan

Sharp Swan



Margaret Reinckens


David Swan

David Swan


Lauren Swan

Lauren Swan



Dave Dunleavy


Interested in working at Pok-O?  Good decision!

Please completely fill out the form HERE.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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