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Wilderness Trips
Per Summer



Our Wilderness Program also offers trips in canoeing, rock climbing, sailing, biking, kayaking and fishing.  Some trips are day long and some are overnight.  No matter what trip a camper chooses, an immense sense of accomplishment and confidence is achieved.

Lifelong skills are developed as well as lifelong friends.  Pok-O-MacCready takes pride in ensuring that every camper has a chance to develop to their greatest potential and our wilderness program is a fun way to get there.

For over 100 years,  Pok-O-MacCready Camps has established itself as a leader in wilderness programming in the Adirondack Mountains.  Steeped in tradition and dating back to a time when you had to hike from the camp to the mountains, the hiking ethics remain the same today.

Starting with the younger campers, we slowly introduce them to the joys of outdoor adventures by taking them hiking on novice trails.  Here, they enjoy the simple pleasures of being in the forest with their camp friends and counselors.

The campers are introduced to the proper back country ethics of “leave no trace.”  These easy day trips introduce campers to the wonder of nature and foster an early appreciation for their surroundings.  Early introductions and exposure to the woods, often lead to a greater thirst for more adventurous and challenging trips as campers grow and mature at camp.

The Adirondack 46ers

Our most popular trips are hikes to the “high peak” region of the Adirondack Mountains in the quest to achieve the summits of all the 46 peaks over 4000 feet high.

Campers who complete all 46 hikes, become “Adirondack 46ers” and are celebrated at our summer banquet. This is a long-term goal which often takes several summers to complete.

Over 400 campers and counselors have achieved this goal over the last 100 years!

There are also many other hiking possibilities. Our “Pok-O-Patch” is obtained by climbing the 4 mountains that surround Long Pond. Once a camper climbs all 4 mountains they are awarded the Patch. This can be achieved in one summer and many of our campers are awarded this Patch at our summer banquet.







The development of skills in summer camp activities is an important aspect of our summer program for kids. Under the guidance of counselors and specialist instructors, campers have the opportunity to participate in many of the activities listed below. Each camper has a personally chosen schedule and may choose from classes and activities that meet daily or every-other-day.

Before picking activities for their schedules, campers take part in an Activity Fair, in which they tour each class area, meet the instructor, and see a demonstration of the class activity.

The following are a sampling of our most popular activities:

Learn the inner workings of Archery with a comprehensive program designed to teach and enhance
skills from beginner to advanced shooting. Campers earn medals and pins through the Camp Archery
Association program, shooting at standard targets from twenty to fifty yards in distance. All ages are

Campers enjoy time to reflect and create works of art in our versatile program. The program consists of
painting, multimedia collage, yarn crafts, metal embossing, stamping, tile work, beadwork and much
more. Our campers enjoy creating and appreciating the arts in our beautiful scenery.

Come learn the ins and outs of baseball and softball on our baseball diamond. Our program is based in
the fundamentals of base running, hitting, bunting, throwing, pitching, and catching. Highlights of our
program include inter camp rivalries and competitions against other local summer camps in New York

One of the unique features that our camp has to offer is the blacksmithing program. Our authentic
blacksmith shop located at the 1812 homestead museum of living history, is the ideal place to learn how
to work with metal and create wonderful works of art including, candleholder, trivets, nails, hinges, and
much more. Under the watchful eye of a certified blacksmith, campers experience what it was like first
hand to live in the 1800s.

This summer camp class focuses on learning to care for oneself in the wilderness – it teaches techniques
in fire building, cooking, shelter construction, survival, and map and compass.

Different levels from beginner to advanced in J-stroke, paddling the figure eight, canoe-sailing, bobbing
and portaging. (Prerequisite – completion of the 1/3 mile canoe swim.) 

With miles of running trails and a dedicated exercise room at our summer camp, campers have ample
opportunity to maintain their fitness. Be it jogging, aerobic exercise, or endurance training, we can
build a program to fit the camper’s need.

Campers tap into their imaginations to write poetry, prose and group stories. Instructors teach
writing skills and methods, and classes often meet at various scenic locations around camp to
offer inspiration.

Lessons are rooted in the foundation of basic drawing & painting methods, while campers are given
the materials and motivation to express themselves artistically.  The finished product: A souvenir to
bring home or display in their cabin.

Long Pond abounds with Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Bullheads, Perch and Sunfish. Instruction
is offered in casting techniques; out of camp expeditions visit some of the finest trout and salmon
waters in the East, including the campers’ favorite end-of-season trip on Lake Champlain!

Campers learn the basics of throwing and catching, and then use these skills to learn tricks.
Eventually, campers will graduate to performing advanced skills, such as “delaying” or
spinning the Frisbee on your finger, and competing in Ultimate Frisbee games.

Our hockey rink, complete with boards, benches and stands, is one of the more exciting places at our
summer camp. Skills are taught in puck handling, passing, shooting and goaltending.  Older campers
may compete in the S.H.L. championship. (Equipment is provided for all players.)

Campers learn how skills from the 19th Century can be incorporated into present-day self sufficiency
practices.  Caring for animals, hearth baking, candle making, gardening, making shingles, food
preservation, and cultivating the gardens — our campers enjoy the 1812 Homestead.

Our English Equestrian program is offered at all levels from leadline to advanced jumping classes.
Showing, trail riding, and care of horses and equipment are essential components of the program.
Learn more about horseback riding below.

This program delves into traditional Native American crafts such as authentic headdresses, beadwork,
rattles, coup sticks, and breach clouts. Campers also learn stories and legends from the Adirondack
region’s Iroqouis Nation and other tribes.

Our fleet of 14-foot Carolina kayaks are excellent boats in which to learn the subtle techniques used to
control a kayak. Campers will learn everything from stroke techniques, balance, and packing a kayak
for trips. Our kayaks offer an excellent opportunity to view wildlife along the shorelines of our lake.

Bring your own bike to summer camp or use one of ours from the Hard Rock Bike Shop while you
learn the fundamentals of mountain biking. Instructors lead campers on trips on wilderness trails
located all around our lake.

Be it guitar, piano, woodwind, brass, singing or songwriting, our summer camp can provide the
instruction and encouragement for your child to learn or improve upon his or her talent.
Campers can also use that talent to perform at skit nights, dances, festivals, or other summer
camp evening events.

The surrounding woods, streams, lakes, and swamps provide an excellent outdoor “classroom”.
From catching frogs to playing a game of “Camouflage” to learn about animal adaptations, our
instructors engage campers in a “wildly” fun and creative way (i.e. sometimes costumes are involved!)

An excellent program on the art of using clay, hand-building techniques, mastering the potter’s wheel,
trimming, tool use, and kiln firing. Many students enjoy creating their own clay sculptures, mugs, vases,
and other decorative items. Our summer camp has both indoor and outdoor pottery facilities onsite.

An expert waterfront staff provides all campers with a challenging program from Beginners to
Advanced Swimmer (Level I – V). Perfection of strokes and confidence in the water are the basic aims.

“The Crux” climbing center: four floors of climbing zones with 20′-40′ walls, rapelling area, and
bouldering cave.  Campers learn safety, knot tying, belaying, and climbing techniques from experts.
Field climbing trips go out into the Adirondacks: one of the nation’s finest rock climbing areas.

We own a fleet of sailboats which enables our campers to learn the fundamentals of sailing.
Different levels of skill can be achieved, which encourage a child to advance from “crew” status,
to that of “skipper” or “admiral”.

On our soccer fields, our instructors teach everything from beginning basics, to control, trapping,
corner kicking, throw-ins, and goal keeping. Enthusiasts participate in our boys, girls, or co-ed teams
that play against outside competition.

Our five courts serve as the site for expert instruction in ground strokes, service, volleying and strategy.
Campers progress through different skill levels, rally amongst themselves, and may take part in
inter-sports competition or the annual Pok-O Open.

Robinson Hall provides campers a stage on which to put on major productions, skits, songfests
and recitals. Drama instruction includes aspects of acting and set design, geared toward a major
production during each camp season.

Campers learn the basics of serving, bumping, setting, and spiking as well as rules through scrimmages
and innovative games. One of Pok-O-MacCready’s most popular classes, volleyball class is held both on
the “beach” and the field.

Sports & Competition




Inter Camp




The rules, strategies, and skills required for any given sport are just some of the aspects covered during our hour-long daily instruction periods.

Participation in inter-camp sports is not mandatory, yet during the course of the full camp season, we find that virtually every camper gets involved. Anyone and everyone can be on a team and will get a chance to compete. There’s an activity for everyone!

Available instructor-led sports:

  • Archery
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rockclimbing
  • Sailing
  • Soccer
  • Street Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Our campers are constantly at play. Within the confines of their sections, Pok-O-MacCready boys and girls have a wide variety of enjoyable athletic games in which to participate.

Additionally, each summer we stage numerous intra-camp contests and tournaments.

Among these are:

  • Jack’s Cup Sailing Regatta
  • Open Tennis Tournament
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Rockclimbing Competition
  • Pok-O Triathlon
  • Senior Hockey League
  • Softball and soccer.

Parents will be happy to know that their child’s summer camp experience can include a variety of team sports. Many Pok-O-MacCready campers play sports during the school year and don’t want to shake that competitive spirit at camp. We don’t disappoint.

Campers face off against other camps in the following sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Sailing
  • Soccer*
  • Softball*
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball

*All teams are Co-Ed except for girls softball and soccer.




Riding Rings




Under the guidance of a Riding Director and full-time instructors, five daily one-hour classes are offered. Campers can choose to take riding every day or every other day. Naturally, the classes are designed to fit the rider’s level: beginner leadline; basic walk, trot and canter; posting; hunter skills; and all levels of jumping.  In addition, campers practice safety, while learning about the purposes and application of riding equipment: the saddle, stirrups, reigns, bit and crop.

As the summer at camp progresses, campers are assured improvement, and are able to advance from one level to the next. Many of our most experienced riders return year after year, and continue to hone their riding skills while enjoying everything else camp has to offer.


  • 3 barns, containing 20 stalls
  • Over a dozen horses
  • 7 Instructors
  • A hayloft located on the second floor of the tack barn
  • Additional stables located on a wing of the tack barn
  • Instructional riding ring
  • 3 fenced-in rings for jumping courses
  • 4 trailers equipped to transport horses to area HORSE SHOWS
  • Day trip to the Lake Placid Horse show to watch advanced riders.

Horse Masters

This unique and highly successful program gives campers the opportunity to develop a strong bond with their horses throughout the summer. Horsemasters wake up early and, with the help of the riding staff, feed, groom, and muck for their horses before heading to breakfast themselves.

The program gives another dimension to the riding program by teaching campers about all aspects of horse care. Each horse is the responsibility of the same camper or set of partners for the whole summer, and the campers do their jobs each morning and evening thoroughly and with pride; it is a very rewarding experience for campers and staff alike.

Horse Shows

A summer highlight for many campers is the ability to take part in horse shows.  Each weekend, riders travel to local Adirondack equestrian competitions.

While the shows present the ultimate challenge to riders, they are also designed to encourage fun and participation.  Classes of all levels are offered and every rider leaves with a ribbon.

The equestrian summer is punctuated by two “MacCready Horse Shows,” in which campers and outside entrants compete in front of a crowd of very enthusiastic friends and visiting family.  Horse shows are not just about competition: they also provide campers with the opportunity to concentrate on a goal, as well as visit new places and meet new people.

Other Riding Events

With our commitment to riding, there is no limit to the instruction and activities offered at Pok-O.

Each year, campers visit the “I Love New York” show in Lake Placid, one of the nation’s largest professional Grand Prix events. Campers spend the day watching top level competitors and being with their riding friends.

In the past, field trips have been taken to the racetrack in Saratoga as well as the National Equestrian Hall of Fame.


Skit Nights





Being up on stage affords campers the opportunity to express themselves differently than is possible in other day to day activities. As actors and actresses campers are asked to explore situations that range from mirroring our own culture to imagining worlds that are wonderful and fantastic. Along the way our campers develop skills like working with others, projection & enunciation, idea generation, working within a framework, letting go of inhibition, developing an idea, conflict resolution, and much more.

At Pok-O-MacCready campers take part in what the stage has to offer without sacrificing all the other important activities that make up such a memorable summer. Every year, all our campers have opportunities to perform for their peers during section activities, weekly Moonshiners, Saturday morning club skits, big game activities and much more.

Our camp has had a long tradition of theater productions dating back to our inception.  Over the years we have produced existing Broadway plays, as well as, our own camper & counselor written works.  Most recently our campers performed an original musical of “Once in a Lifetime” written by Pok-O-MacCready’s own parent, counselor and professional children’s entertainer – Tim Seston.

Past Summer Camp Productions


Little Shop of Horrors

The Sound of Music


High School Musical

The Wizard of Oz

Guys and Dolls

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Original Musicals

The Rock

Once in a Lifetime


Tim Seston: Director of Creative Arts, Pok-O-MacCready Camps

In 1992, Tim Seston was introduced to Pok-O-MacCready by his wife, Sally Zimmerli (counselor from 1989 – 1993).  These past 25+ years he has heard the stories, visited the grounds, and been indoctrinated into the camp culture.  In 2016, Sally and Tim’s oldest son Charlie started as an Intermediate.  In 2017 Sally and Tim’s twin boys, Luke and Owen were Pioneers.  Tim came to camp as well and joined the staff as the Director of the Creative Arts Program.  Outside of camp Tim is a professional children’s entertainer and performs regularly for schools and private parties.  Tim is also a former science / math teacher and loves playing all kinds of sports.  Tim, Sally, Charlie, Luke and Owen live on campus at Concord Academy in Concord, MA where Sally is the Dean of Students.

One of the camp’s most popular events, held each summer during the first session, is Tribal Games – unmatched in terms of passion, excitement, and intensity.

Campers are divided into five teams, and while some of the events are standard popular fare (Tug of War, Relay Race), others events are unique to our camp, such as “Rolas,” and “The World’s Most Complicated Game!”

The kids are in charge during Tribal Competition. Staff acts merely as judges and guides. As a result, the campers elect their own tribal leaders, devise their own strategies, invent their own cheers, and construct their own tribal projects. It’s a great exercise in both teamwork and self-reliance.

Other all-camp games and events that are annually appealing to our campers include:

Greek Games

The “Rev. War”

The Pok-O Palooza

North Country Fair & Bingo

Talent Show

Casino Night

“Sunday Fun Day”


Award Banquets

Paul Bunyan Day

Slide Shows

Camp Dances

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Pok-O-MacCready sits on a peninsula on
Long Pond in New York’s Adirondack
Park, just minutes from Lake Champlain.
Our campus contains over 400 acres of
woods and fields along two miles of
scenic waterfront surrounded by gentle
peaks – a perfect place to do any of the
countless activities camp offers!

Our boys camp is the longest running camp under
the continual ownership of one family
in the United States. What started as
an education and recreational summer
experience for a few young men has now
become a flourishing co-educational
camp for 300 campers each summer.

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