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REFERRAL SPECIAL: Receive a $500 tuition discount for each new registered camper whom you refer to Pok-O-MacCready

*Day campers are eligible for separate discounts

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 Returning campers and families are always welcome to attend our open houses and camp fairs. Please check back for news and schedules.


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All information below is for 2021. Updates for 2022 will be out in April of 2022.

This is your one-stop-shop for all parent information. Please read each section to ensure you have 1.) provided required documents and 2.) Understand camp policies. Please contact Brian if you have additional questions or concerns.

Medical Forms: These are due June 1st or as soon as possible after registration, no later than a week prior to your child’s first day at camp. Upload to CampBrain, or email scans directly to Brian.

  • Physician Form: This needs to be filled out by your child’s pediatrician. Their signature AND stamp is required by New York State. The pediatrician can also provide a signed and stamped physical from their office. The physical must occur within a year of the camper’s last day of their upcoming camp session.
  • Immunization Record: Please request this from your child’s pediatrician’s office.
  • Health History: Please let us know all past, pertinent medical history.
  • Healthcare Authorization: This form allows the camp administration to authorize emergency health care in the event that parents/guardians cannot be reached.
  • Emergency Card: This card is used when campers leave camp for trips. Parents will can either print one at home and send it to us, or fill one out at drop-off.
  • MMV Form: Only required for residential camp.

Please be sure to indicate any medications, food allergies, individualized student support plans, or mental/emotional/social health concerns. A member of Pok-O’s Health and Wellness team will reach out to ensure that camp is ready to support your child at camp, and we appreciate your forthrightness in this effort.  

CampMeds: NEW for 2021 – Pok-O has developed a partnership with CampMeds. This company works with families and our healthcare staff to ensure that children receive their appropriate medications. This will streamline the daily process and eliminate the potential for errors. Read thier Welcome Letter and FAQ here. This service is REQUIRED for campers who take a regular medication in pill or tablet form. Please contact camp if your child takes other medication.

Overnight Packing List / Day Camp Packing List: Please send items on the list. Please do not send: knives, firearms, anything with a screen, aerosol bug spray/deodorant, material that is not reccomended for your campers age group (ex. Cards Against Humanity). And while you should send items that help your camper adjust to being at camp, please do not send anything which, if lost, would have an major adverse effect on your child.  

Arrival and Departure: Overnight – 2021 will be unlike any other year. We are asking that all campers be dropped off at camp, with the exception of those travelling by air who will be picked up by camp staff. All parents are asked to sign-up for a drop-off time-slot using the link below. During this time, parents will be greeted by a member of the camp administration as well as a health team member, who will perform a lice check at the car. Campers will then go off with a counselor to meet their bunkmates and their summer camp expeience will officially begin! Camp IS providing transportation home at the end of the 4 and 3-Week sessions. Please register on CampBrain if you have not already done so.

June 27th Arrival Sign-Up   —   July 25th Arrival Sign-Up (TBA)

Day Camp Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Day campers will either be picked up by the van, or dropped off at the Pok-O-Queen, which is reserved exclusively for Day Camp during the week (8:45 A.M.-8:55 A.M.). Pick-Up will also be at the Pok-O-Queen (4:55-5:00 PM)

Communications at Camp

  • Bunk1: The most popular, and easiest way to communicate. Sign-Up with Bunk1 to email “letters” to camp, which are printed and distributed daily. Add a reply sheet, and your child can write a letter, put it in the camp mail, and it will be emailed back to you.  Please note that we do not use their photo service.
  • Phone Calls: In order to help campers adjust to being away from home, we ask that parents/guardians please refrain from phone calls for the first 5 days of camp. Starting the day after drop-off, you may sign-up for one 15 minute time slot per week. You are welcome to call camp directors if you want to check in at any point during the session. (And as a reminder, campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp.)
  • Letters: Keep the tradition and skill alive by sending your child to camp with some paper, envelopes, stamps, and a list of addresses for friends and family!
  • Virtual Visiting Day: We are experimenting with our biggest use of technology in 117 summers! Campers will be able to meet virtually with their family once in the 4-week session and once in the 3-week session. More details to come!
  • Amazon Packages: We love that families show their love through care-packages, but 2019 saw a HUGE increase of packages at camp. It not only overwhelmed our office, but it allowed more of the outside world in than we would’ve liked. We try to focus on creativity and relationship building at camp, and new toys can sometimes distract from that. As much as your child may plead with you, they do not really need a super soaker at camp, and even though they may fall in love with fishing, the new rod can wait until after camp. Please keep care packages minimal (once a week) and remember NO FOOD IN CARE PACKAGES. (Folks with specific dietary needs may contact camp for exceptions)
  • Camp Address: 1391 Reber Road, Willsboro, NY, 12996

Trading Post, Jean Mart and Blue Boar Accounts: Trading Post is our camp store (batteries, toiletries, notebooks, etc.) where campers can get needed items. Once a week, it transforms into Candy Store for unneeded, buy joyous, items (maximum of 2). Jean Mart is where campers go for camp swag like t-shirts, sweatpants, blankets, etc. Campers can place all purchases on the Blue Boar account, which is charged to families at the end of the camp season. Please contact Brian if you want to put a limit on their account.


(Forms will be released and updated regularly, so please check back)


Full daily galleries are available to view and purchase at our online site, SmugMug.


This site is password protected to protect our campers.  Please contact us if you need access.

Great News:  Campers have no access to the internet during the summer!

Greater News:  The administration office is connected!

You may send and receive Emails from your children via the Bunk Notes camp service.

Check with us in the weeks prior to camp for access code and password.

Pok-O-MacCready is very proud of its affiliation with the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation, which awards approximately 18 financial aid packages for each summer.

To find out more, please contact the Foundation.


Pok-O-MacCready also offers tuition discounts for early registration, and camper referral. Contact camp to learn more.

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