Summer Camp Blog: “Get2Kno” Pok-O MacCready Camps!

        The previous summer camp blog entry was about setting goals and achieving these goals step-by-step. Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camps always has the goal to GROW our current family and SHARE the greatest summer camp in the universe with more communities. It is simple, more kids means more fun activities. 
        So, our first step was to plan the Get2Kno Pok-O: Summer Camp Socials. 

           Executive Director Brian Degroat said this about these new ‘socials’:

                “We realized that our best promoters for camp are our current families. So we created opportunities for potential campers to meet current campers and have a ‘hang out’. Then they can continue to forge the relationships they make during the summer, while making new friends they may then see that summer!  We would love to see just as many new faces as familiar ones at these socials.”

                When and where will these events be?

                We are going to have events in NYC, New Jersey, Westchester, Boston, Connecticut and Philadelphia but the first event is:

The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym
(Chatham, New Jersey)
January 14th 2017


               We will have access to their 40+ Foot Climbing Walls and over 14,000+ Square Feet of Climbing.  There will be food and refreshments in addition to the climbing. The day is all-inclusive and completely free.  We do suggest that you arrive about 10 minutes early to get set-up with climbing equipment.  This will be the kick-off of the Get2Kno Pok-O: Summer Camp Socials, so we hope to see as many of you there as we can!

                What are ways current camp families can help?      

               Simply showing up, having fun and sharing those loving camp memories are enough, but if you would like to take it a step further, talk to anyone you know who is interested in summer camp.  Share the event on-line and in-person. The Facebook link below will bring you to the events page for Pok-O-MacCready Camps. 


(Click for Facebook)

           This can be shared on Facebook itself or any online groups you may be a part of.)  Bring friends or family members who’ve known about your summer camp experiences but have never tried it out. The goals of these activity-based events are simply to share some good times and possibly grow the Pok-O-MacCready Community!



…and if you’d like, print and post some flyers! (They also can be found on the Facebook event page)

                How do I get to the first event?

                All of the directions can be found online through the Facebook or The Gravity Vault website, but here is the exact address for the Chatham location, where our event will be held.

40 Watchung Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928
January 14th  

                Can’t make it this time?

                Don’t worry! We have more fun activities ahead. Stay tuned and check out the Facebook. Or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information.




Pok-O-MacCready Camps
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Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

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