Summer Camp Daily Schedule

No two days at camp are the same. There are always unique challenges, varied and creative activities, and opportunities to enjoy nature. However, each day is structured to provide a consistent rhythm, marked not by watches and alarm clocks, but by bugle calls and the ringing of the MacCready bell.

The 4-week and 3-week sessions each have their own rhythm. For example, the first 4-weeks, which includes the first Rookie session, captures the energy of children fresh out of school, while the final 3-weeks of camp offers a streamlined schedule in which campers can deepen their focus on particular activities of their choosing. Use the detailed schedule below to imagine which session would best fit your child. (Girls follow the MacCready schedule and boys follow the Pok-O schedule in the 4-week session).

Want to see where all these activities take place? Check out our Virtual Tour Map!

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