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Tribal Games continue; Standings are very close

Wednesday morning saw two coed tribal events take place:       In Tribal Tasks, the Onondaga picked up where they left off Tuesday night, winning the event, which consisted of various track & field, and agility tests. Shea (Mohawk):  “I did the triple jump and the meadow run. 

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Tribal Games: Day #1

    The Onondaga went undefeated in both the girl’s and boy’s Tug of War Tuesday night, to cap off a very busy day of competition at Pok-O-MacCready’s 2017 Tribal Games. Early in the day, the Mohawk were the winners in three other events: The World’s Most Complicated

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Tribal Days Have Begun (Team Photos)

   Tuesday morning’s Pathfinding game marked the beginning of two intense days of competition, with eight events deciding this year’s tribal champion. Below you will find the 2017 tribal team shots.  Click on the thumbnail to expand the image, and look for scores of tribal games photos

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Ask the Campers (7-17)

4-Weekers: Name something you’d like to do during your final week, that you have yet to do.

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Equestrian Excellence

With the lessons and the preparation behind them, over two dozen of Pok-O-MacCready’s horseback riders took part in competition Sunday morning at the Camp MacCready Horse Show.  Not only did campers compete, but riders from other farms in Essex and Clinton Counties were on hand. Things got

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High in the Hills

     In what was surely the finest weather day in a couple of weeks, most of the boys campers, and several girls headed for the mountains Sunday.  The photos above were taken from the scenic McIntyre range. Look out for a comprehensive hi-res set of wilderness

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Week 3 Recap (Video)!!

This was a packed week! So, the recap to follow is naturally, a bit longer than the other two. Yet, we still could not fit all the fun that happened!  For more, look back at past blog posts, or visit our Summer Camp Online Gallery.  Enjoy!  Click

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Post Parents Pick-Me-Up Play

  Campers gathered in Robinson Hall Saturday to watch the 113th annual Pok-O-MacCready counselor play. The show, containing traditional camp characters and traditional camp songs, always follows a rough plot, taking aim at current camp issues, while playfully mocking fellow staff members. Mainly, the performance is designed

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Visiting Day at Camp!

   “It’s always great to come back to camp.  I loved it when I was a camper, and I love it as a parent.”  – Laura Parents, alumni and friends came to camp Saturday for the 113th Pok-O Picnic and visiting day.  They spent the day seeing

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A Graced Day for a Hike!

        We announced a new 46’r in an earlier blog post today. Eliza finished her 46th ascent this afternoon and became the first for the 113th summer at Pok-O-MacCready Camps.  On the list of all-time camp 46’rs she is 397th.  She finished on Grace

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The Pok-O Closed, Opens.

        The Pok-O-Closed volleyball tournament has become an annual camp institution.  Campers of all ages, from either side of camp are invited to make a team and compete. The competition is tough.         Teams never give up, even if the match is

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Legacy: 113 Years… and counting

This photo, taken Thursday morning, consists of the dozens of legacy campers and staff attending camp for 2017’s four-week session.  Among the group are seven 4th-generation campers; one 5th-generation staff members; and a 6th-generation camper– the great, great, great grandson of camp founder C.A. Robinson.  ( few

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Halloween in July

                 A Pok-MacCready Camp summer is all about possibilities.  Plenty of class choices, hikes, activities, dietary options and refreshing free times are available for campers from drop-off till pick-up.  The potential approaches limitless. Time seems to get forgotten and since

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Ask The Campers.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS?   GK: Canoe/ Kayaking Ronan: Crafts/ Homestead   Tatum: Volleyball Victoria: Riding Cara: Sailing Owen: Pottery Kevin: Pottery Alex: Native Arts   Camper Matt: Sailing Counselor Christian:  Teaching paddleboard  

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A Talented Camp. A Happy Camp.

      Throughout the days of a Pok-O-MacCready Camp summer, all sorts of sounds are heard and types of play, seen.  The music here does not just belong to the birds. On camp, guitars are strummed, drums tapped, ukuleles plucked and all sorts of make-shift instruments

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