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111 in the Books!

        Pok-O-MacCready’s 111th summer camp season officially ended Saturday morning with the departure of the bus, and the remainder of campers by car. The campers (and staff) are departing with awards, souvenirs and, mostly, wonderful memories that will last them the winter….. CAMP IS: “Awesome!!!”  –LoPo “A place

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Farewell Fine Campers

   We always thought that those days would last And how we spent the whole night saying goodbye Saying goodbye like it was the last time From the song “Saying Goodbye”, by Every Avenue CAMP IS: Sofia:  “The place to be” Lili:  “A second home” Emma:  “Incomparable”

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Ask the Campers (8/11)

What would camp be like without counselors?

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Wisdom From Our Oldest Camper

At last Sunday’s all-camp service, five-year old, first-year camper Owen read an original poem about what camp means.  In a fitting juxtaposition, at last night’s final summer service, veteran Advanced Section member Chris B, 16, in his last year as a camper, shared his feelings about this

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Trip Report: Super Marcy #2

2014 SUPER MARCY #2: Trip Report The third all-girls Super Marcy trip in the history of camp returned from their four day trip Thursday afternoon.  The campers on the hike collaborated to file this report. Day 1: We woke up bright and early and were headed down

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Trip Report: Super Marcy #1

Following in the footsteps of campers and staff from a century before, the Advanced Section completed the Super Marcy – a 60-mile hike from camp to Mt. Marcy – on Wednesday afternoon.  The following report was filed by the campers.     Day 1: We left at dawn,

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Wisdom From Our Youngest Camper

At Sunday evening’s weekly all-camp gathering, the youngest camper at Pok-O-MacCready, five-year old Owen, read an original poem.  The work, which Owen wrote and co-delivered with his counselor Oliver, expresses what many people feel about camp. Needless to say, there were a few tears running down some

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Affordable Summer Camps: Top 10 Ways to Save!

AFFORDABLE SUMMER CAMPS: they DO exist! Did you know Pok-O-MacCready is one of the most affordable summer camps in the Northeastern United States? Our residential summer camp program and day camp program offerings exceed that of other summer camps in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut,

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“I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye”; summer camp comes to a close

The following lyric was adapted for summer camp, by C.I.T. member Olivia M, from a previously existing song.  Olivia and her summer camp friends performed it at the closing all-camp service, Sunday evening.  “I found it on the internet and, although it was written about school, I

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Five Ways to Enjoy Camp During the Year!

Even though the summer camp season officially comes to an end this weekend, all of our campers, their families, and alumni will have ample opportunity to visit Pok-O-MacCready over the next twelve months. FAMILY CAMP (August 21-25):  Held each year during the week following summer camp, Alumni

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Dumb Ways To Die

During Wednesday night’s Moonshiner, the senior girls performed a cover of the popular Australian Metro P.S.A. hit “Dumb Ways to Die“.  The girls re-worked the lyrics to apply to camp… Miss the buddy count three times, Be a target in Blackline, Don’t wash your parts for seven

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“Music Class Rocks!”

Pok-O-MacCready’s second period music class wrote and performed this clever original lyric, written about… music class!

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See You Soon

This original song was composed by Intermediate girl campers Maddie C and Willow H, and performed at Sunday evening’s all camp service.  Even though the campers still have nearly two weeks before they must depart Pok-O-MacCready, the feeling of separation is already building…. See You Soon VERSE

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Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for camper posts, soon after their arrival, on June 30.

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