Our Summer Camp Family

Pok-O is guided by its mission, and supported by community values. But at its core, Pok-O is a family.

Not only do campers eat family-style, and form small, tight-knit groups in their cabins, but they also learn to take care of one another on wilderness trips, and to support newer and younger campers as they adapt to life in the summer camp community. Campers see their counselors as role models, and each other as confidants. These bonds extend past each summer, and persist well beyond their last days as a camper.

Like all families, campers can have disagreements and at times mistakes are made. But our multi-week sessions ensure that we have opportunities to learn from our differences, grow from our missteps, and build strong bonds with friends and counselors alike.

Pok-O is a place where hundreds of alumni return for reunions, and where children often sleep in the same cabin that one of their parents did. While many families create a generational tradition of returning to Pok-O, we also welcome new families into the fold each year. These fresh faces help keep the creative engine of camp running at full speed, and continue to diversify our community.

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