Alumni News

Alumni News

All about Summer Camp in 10 Questions or Less: Our first Pok-O Podcast!

Are you interested to learn more about summer camp at Pok-O-MacCready?  Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for a great summer camp for their kids?  Then listen in on our new podcast! CampNavigator, a leading online summer camp resource, recently interviewed us

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Camp Alumni Shredding the Slopes

   A pair of camp alumni are keeping the adventure spirit alive year round!  Mackenzie (“Macky”) Young, and Nick Edwards, recently captured the female and male divisions respectively, at the Ski the East Freeride Tour stop at Magic Mountain, Vermont.  Both, also ended up in the top

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Cancer Claims Former Camper

Michael Zorawick, age 39, passed away in New York City on March 5. The son of the Rev. Joseph and Lois Zorawick, Mike was a camper at Pok-O-MacCready throughout much of the 1980’s.  He finished his 46ers in 1988, while a member of the Advanced Section.  Attending

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Please Help a Camp Alumna in Need

Last month, an explosion occured in the California home of former Pok-O-MacCready riding director, Alison Sherred.  Not only was the home destroyed, along with everything in it, but Sherred received serious burns and other injuries,  Her sister, Claire, another former camper, counselor, and riding director writes: “Alison

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…a SITE for sore eyes!

Our website has been long overdue for makeover.  Thanks to the folks at Mannix Marketing, our website has been transformed and we’re looking fresh and new! Stay tuned as we add more content, publish new blog articles, and post new photos!

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Radical Survivor: True Story from a Camp Alumna

   “‘I’m sorry. There were no survivors.’ Nancy Saltzman tried to absorb the caller’s words. Her entire family had perished in a small plane crash. The caller was wrong, though. There was a survivor—Nancy would have to go on living. She had beaten cancer twice, but how

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Registration is Open for Patch Sprint

The 2013 edition of Pok-O-MacCready’s biggest annual reunion- The Patch Sprint- is scheduled for the weekend of May 24-26 at Pok-O-MacCready. Registration opened on January 15 and, already, 70 people have signed up to race, trek, volunteer, or simply have fun attending!  Furthermore, over $6,000 have already

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Camp Alumnus Set to Release Book

Discover powerful hidden social “levers” and networks within your company… then use that knowledge to make slight “tweaks” that dramatically improve both business performance and employee fulfillment! That is the theme of the book People Analytics written by Ben Waber, former Pok-O-MacCready camper and counselor, and currently

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”We love you Jean, Oh yes, we do”

Legendary camp figure passes “Years ago, when one thought of MacCready, one thought of horseback riding, horse shows, horse prep, horsemasters and horse sh*%! (shoes, of course).  Now, when a camper boards the bus at the end of the camp season, her pillow case is stuffed not

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100th Reunion – August 2004

Our 100th Reunion, held August 16-21, 2004, was a smashing success. Over 450 former campers, staff, families and friends attended. Reunion Events Here’s an outline of some of what went on at the 100th Tuesday, August 17th: 3:00: Arrival, bunking assignment, informal tour, get settled 6:00: Dinner

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105th Reunion – August 2009

105 Years…One Large Gathering “With the exception of the 100th, which we knew would be big, this is, by far, the largest reunion we’ve ever had here at camp!” So exclaimed Pok-O-MacCready director J. Sharp Swan, while speaking at the 105th Reunion banquet on Saturday evening, August

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Rowboats and Other Honors

  Rowboats, Canoes, Sailboats, Trees & Cabins Pok-O-MacCready’s version of the “Hall of Fame” is to have a boat named in your honor. The following people have been bestowed this prestigious citation:     ROWBOAT  Jim Bottomley Aunt Sarah (Robinson Swan) Mike McCusker  James Hankins Charles Cameron

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Songs of Pok-O-MacCready

The Camp Song There’s a camp called Pok-O-MacCready and it’s a camp we all love Where the sun is always shining in the skies above There is swimming, fishing, hiking And it is all like a dream But the thing we like the best of all is

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Pok-O-MacCready Camps
1391 Reber Road, Willsboro, NY 12996

Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

[email protected]


The Outdoor Education Center is located on over 400 acres of land with a beautiful Adirondack lake surrounded by forests, trails and wilderness.

The Center is within an hours drive of the High Peaks Adirondack Region, three miles from Lake Champlain and across the lake from Burlington, VT.

For the past 50 years our mission at the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center has been to create and encourage a sense of awe in the presence of nature, to build self confidence, to nurture self worth and to promote teamwork, communication and tolerance for students of all ages.


Pok-O-MacCready sits on a peninsula on
Long Pond in New York’s Adirondack
Park, just minutes from Lake Champlain.
Our campus contains over 400 acres of
woods and fields along two miles of
scenic waterfront surrounded by gentle
peaks – a perfect place to do any of the
countless activities camp offers!

Our boys camp is the longest running camp under
the continual ownership of one family
in the United States. What started as
an education and recreational summer
experience for a few young men has now
become a flourishing co-educational
camp for 300 campers each summer.

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