Alumni News

Alumni News

Ask The Campers.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS?   GK: Canoe/ Kayaking Ronan: Crafts/ Homestead   Tatum: Volleyball Victoria: Riding Cara: Sailing Owen: Pottery Kevin: Pottery Alex: Native Arts   Camper Matt: Sailing Counselor Christian:  Teaching paddleboard  

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A Talented Camp. A Happy Camp.

      Throughout the days of a Pok-O-MacCready Camp summer, all sorts of sounds are heard and types of play, seen.  The music here does not just belong to the birds. On camp, guitars are strummed, drums tapped, ukuleles plucked and all sorts of make-shift instruments

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Black and Blue Rule the Day

  Two tribal events were held Sunday afternoon; one girls, one boys; one on land, one on sea. Camp MacCready Rolas was won by the Tuscarora.  “We worked as a team and we had good athletes,” said tribal Sachem Faye, of the Tuscy success.  “Everyone was ok

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Visiting Day is Saturday

Dear Parents and Friends,   Greetings from Camp! It is so exciting to have our first session under way.  Our campers are busy making friends and having fun. Visiting Day this year will be Saturday, July 15th starting at 9:00 am and ending at 7:00 pm.  We encourage campers and their families to stay for

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Camp Week 2 Recap (video)

Another week has sped past! Good thing there are 5 more! Check out the rest of our videos here.

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MuckMasters at Crane Mountain!

         Today, a trip of campers volunteered at   Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue. It was a brave Horse Masters for the kids. The drive was short, down to Westport, NY and Crane Mountain was right off Route 87. The Rescue takes in horses

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Mike’s Pike

27 inches.  4.5 pounds.  Pulled out of Long Pond by senior camper Michael M. Friday. “I thought it was caught in the weeds. Then when I saw it, I was afraid I’d lose it.” “Very excited. Definitely the biggest pike I ever caught.” Michael is one of

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Robots, Wrecks, Eagles and a Buffet Lunch.

              Nearby bodies of water are gems of being a Pok-O-MacCready camper.  Surrounding our peninsular grounds is the magical Long Pond. East of camp, bordering Vermont and New York is Lake Champlain. From a short hike up one of our “Pok-O Patch”

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The Results Are In!

From here on, Tribal days kicks into full gear. Tonight, the campers got together with their tribes and elected their Sachems, Chiefs, Assistants and the Medicine Women and Men.  Campers must be nominated and seconded to run.  Once in front of their tribe, speeches are made.  The

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MacCready Whomps Whippoorwill

    A hot day for camp sports as MacCready took on Whippoorwill in soccer.  The sun wasn’t the only thing on fire today; our campers outscored their opponents by 7 goals.  These points were spread out between five players Nora, Mackenzie and Sage with two; Prisca and

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To Dip or Not To Dip…

  “There is no question! If one has the ability to dip, a dip should be had!’                               -An Ancient Camp Proverb                 All those who have spent summers at Pok-O-MaCready Camps

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Pok-O Plays Ball!

        Today at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, we played baseball.  “America’s pastime” is a fitting activity for the holiday.  Our opponents came from Camp Lincoln, “the camp down the road”, and showed up with a mixed age team, so our two boys’ teams combined for the game.

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Moon Shines on the Pios!

      The talk of last night’s Moonshiner was the Pioneer sections musical act.  They performed different versions of songs including what Owen said was the “Money, Money song”.  Feelings on the night were hard to pull out of the troupe at breakfast, they seemed to be onto the

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The Revolution is Here!

                Rain sent the armies back to their camps on Saturday, but by Monday the sun was shining.  It was a fitting day for a re-revolution and the following day is actually Independence Day.  The Pok-O-MacCready Camp Rev War is

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Day at the Show

      With all of the work involved in taking riding lessons, and caring horses the horses, Camp MacCready’s equestriennes were rewarded Sunday with a trip to Lake Placid, to see the world’s best in action at the Lake Placid Horse Show. Tess– “The food was really good

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Pok-O-MacCready Camps
1391 Reber Road, Willsboro, NY 12996

Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

[email protected]


The Outdoor Education Center is located on over 400 acres of land with a beautiful Adirondack lake surrounded by forests, trails and wilderness.

The Center is within an hours drive of the High Peaks Adirondack Region, three miles from Lake Champlain and across the lake from Burlington, VT.

For the past 50 years our mission at the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center has been to create and encourage a sense of awe in the presence of nature, to build self confidence, to nurture self worth and to promote teamwork, communication and tolerance for students of all ages.


Pok-O-MacCready sits on a peninsula on
Long Pond in New York’s Adirondack
Park, just minutes from Lake Champlain.
Our campus contains over 400 acres of
woods and fields along two miles of
scenic waterfront surrounded by gentle
peaks – a perfect place to do any of the
countless activities camp offers!

Our boys camp is the longest running camp under
the continual ownership of one family
in the United States. What started as
an education and recreational summer
experience for a few young men has now
become a flourishing co-educational
camp for 300 campers each summer.

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