Alumni News

Alumni News

City-States Converge at the Annual Olympiad

Yesterday, while the rest of the world awaited the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, the Pok-O world celebrated the opening of its Greek Games with the annual “Olympiad.”  The summer heat did not deter the athletes, who reminded each other to hydrate regularly (as did the

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Legacy: Session #2

Seated on the bench, in the middle are Caden, Jessa, Wyatt, Joseph, Jackson W., Jackson K and Eliza, all of whom represent fourth generation Pok-O-MacCready family. Earlier in the session, Tilden – a sixth generation legacy – was in Pioneer section.

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Click on any thumbnail to expand the image.   See list of City State rosters HERE

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The Wanderer

    “I often wander, and this has been the most worthwhile wandering I’ve ever done. I feel very accomplished to have achieved this.”  – Leonard, on finishing his Adirondack 46ers. Advanced section member Leonard became camp’s most recent Adirondack 46er Friday on Cascade Mountain.  He was

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The Oracle at Delphi (photos and video)

    While the first event is scheduled for Friday, 2016 Greek Games officials opened Thursday night with the opening ceremony at Delphi. Aside from words of wisdom – and warning – from Zeus, there was a dance by the C.I.T. sirens. “We were told to do

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HEY PARENTS…. SHOW YOUR POKO SPIRIT with a t-shirt exclusively for parents ! $20 each (FREE shipping to your home address!)

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Double the Tennis Champions

    The Pok-O Open tennis championships – held Thursday at the Pok-O Plex® sports complex – was changed around for the 2016 tournament:  Instead of singles, it was a doubles event. “I think it was nice,” voiced Noah G.  “It gave more of an eveness to it

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Visiting Day Schedule

There are plenty of things on the schedule for your visit to Pok-O-MacCready Camps tomorrow. Please click THIS LINK to see the entire itinerary, and list of activities and meals. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow– The kids can’t wait!

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Ask the Campers

What camp job would you most like to do?

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A Different Kind of Hiking – Part 2

“Giving back to the mountains” is a motto amongst outdoor hikers and climbers, and it’s a practice that Pok-O-MacCready Camps follows. On Wednesday, a group of girls, and one boy, of all ages, gave back in the form of doing trail work on nearby Pok-O-Moonshine mountain, assisting

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A Different Kind of Hiking – Part 1

    “I did some hard climbs that I didn’t think I could do.” Jack C’s review just about sums up the essence of rock climbing.  Standing at the bottom of cliff, a climber wonder how he or she can ever make it up to the top. 

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Thanks to the Bugler

The origin of the bugler at camp comes from Pok-O-MacCready’s long ago association with a military academy. While camp no longer has any connection with the military, and no longer has a bugle for that matter, there are a few boys each summer who volunteer to blow

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High Stakes and Cornering the Market

   Robinson Hall became a casino hall last night for the 112th annual Pok-O-MacCready Casino Night. The casino featured much of the usual gaming:  Blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, mini golf, and much more.  Notably missing this year, however, were the bandits, who have created havoc for many years.

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Sunrise at 4960′

The seven mile pack in to the campsite, followed by the three mile climb in the dark was all well worth it, as a group of hardy Advanced Section hikers sat on top of Haystack – New York’s third highest mountain – to enjoy Wednesday’s gorgeous sunrise.

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Rooting for the Enemy

The Pok-O-MacCready Senior boys – and Highlander girls – made their annual trip to the ballpark Monday evening, riding the scenic ferry across Lake Champlain to watch the Vermont Lake Monsters play a single-A minor league game in Burlington. “It was great, very exciting,” remarked Jackson K,

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Pok-O-MacCready Camps
1391 Reber Road, Willsboro, NY 12996

Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

[email protected]


The Outdoor Education Center is located on over 400 acres of land with a beautiful Adirondack lake surrounded by forests, trails and wilderness.

The Center is within an hours drive of the High Peaks Adirondack Region, three miles from Lake Champlain and across the lake from Burlington, VT.

For the past 50 years our mission at the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center has been to create and encourage a sense of awe in the presence of nature, to build self confidence, to nurture self worth and to promote teamwork, communication and tolerance for students of all ages.


Pok-O-MacCready sits on a peninsula on
Long Pond in New York’s Adirondack
Park, just minutes from Lake Champlain.
Our campus contains over 400 acres of
woods and fields along two miles of
scenic waterfront surrounded by gentle
peaks – a perfect place to do any of the
countless activities camp offers!

Our boys camp is the longest running camp under
the continual ownership of one family
in the United States. What started as
an education and recreational summer
experience for a few young men has now
become a flourishing co-educational
camp for 300 campers each summer.

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