A Pok-O-MacCready Goodbye (for now) Guide.


The leaves are turning green to brown and finding their way to the ground. In falls the new season and we must wave good-bye to summer. It turns out, 2017 was one of the best here at the Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camps.  Another, is less than 300 days away. Those days become minutes and those reduce to seconds in a blink.  Time is always bringing us one second closer together! So, enjoy your year, because then, back at camp, there will be so many new memories to share!

                However, we know it can be difficult to be patient. So, whether you’re longing to be back, or have to complete a report on “what you did this summer”; we created this smart little guide for you, call it the “Pok-O-MacCready Good-bye (for now) Guide” :

  • Click through Awesome Photo Galleries: Thousands of pictures are snapped throughout the summer. There are action shots, happy shots, sentimental shots and more.  This gallery is much like an archive of smiling faces which is sure to bring warmth to your hearts and memories to your mind.
  • Watch Saweeet Summer Camp Videos:  They say a picture can tell a thousand words. A video, is just a ton of pictures played really quickly one after the other. So, these 2-5 minute videos must say millions of words about the fun at camp.  What’s even better is how easy these videos can be shared! (Send them to a couple friends and that’ll be TRILLIONS of happy words said about camp!)
  • Read Brilliant Blog Entries: Read? Really… Yes, read! Sometimes millions of words can be hard to mentally digest! Focus in on about 100 words and read one of the blog posts from the past year (or even the year before that). Here’s an example from this summer. It’s all about our famed Polar Bear Dip.
  • Befriend the Mailperson: It is always so wonderful to receive mail! Well, maybe not always. Yet, when it is from Pok-O-MacCready… That’s always a day maker! So, we have great news for campers and their families. Our annual slideshow DVD, calendar and other mail will be coming to you throughout the year.  Sounds like a movie night in the making!
  • Get-Togethers and MORE Camp: Pictures, videos, words and mail are all great. Sure, but loving faces and happy people are best enjoyed in-person. We know this and will be getting the word out about opportunities as their dates are determined. There will be recruiting events, fun activity-based get-togethers and times for meeting.  Even better, our SKI WEEK registration is open! Click the link, register and you’ll be back at camp sooner, during a special time; WINTER. Brrrrr.


Overall, we hope you stay tuned as more information comes up.  There will be posts, e-mails and Facebook shares. Anything we can do to see your smiling faces again!
Thank you for making this summer GREAT and this camp the GREATEST in the universe.


Pok-O-MacCready Camps
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Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

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