Trophies, Patches, Hugs & Tears

2017 Camp MacCready Session #2 Honor Campers

The five young ladies pictured above, were joined by seven other MacCready “M” recipients; top riding honorees Zoe and Sophie P; and with Abbi, who was the most recognized wilderness honoree.

Those were the big winners, but every MacCready camper was given a gift for their years of service”, and/or class and wilderness participation, attitude, improvement or excellence.

The ceremony, which followed a roast beef dinner, was highlighted by the naming of the MacCready “M” (given to the staff’s choice – in each section – as the most ideal camper), and the Honor Camper.

When asked, by camp director Brian DeGroat, to name the qualities of an Honor Camper, many adjectives were shouted out (“kind”, “helpful”, “trusting”, “someone who always has your back.”).  Perhaps, it was best summed up by Elly, who mentioned that her vote for Honor Camper went to “someone who may not be loud, but when they’re gone you really feel their absence.”  Below, are the 2017 winners:

LODGE Shea, Oona Kate C
INTERMEDIATE Melanie, Mallory Alexis
SENIOR Zoe, Vivian Tori
C.I.T. Abbi Jaida (CIT sheet)

 The award’s presentation was followed by a the traditional candlelight singing ceremony, filled with some singing, and some sobbing.  See a full collection of banquet pictures at our ONLINE GALLERY.


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