When the Games End.

The games continued early this morning with The Odyssey. City-states sent competitors all over the Pok-O-MacCready land for this long distance competition. The day did not end at lunch, for scheduled directly following, was the epic Peloponnesian War. 

MacCready field was lined into a giant arena for this massive, 4-team flour hawk bout. God’s and demi-gods were available for support throughout as well as jr. Gods. Such as Hades Jr. Directly in front of Mount Olympus where one v. one battles were had. 

After, the teams returned to their neutral campgrounds, showered and got into their finest togas for the feast. Along the table, teams pondered over the coming results and what was for dessert. The answer to one of those questions is: cannolis. 

Ella shrugged.  She couldn’t tell who would be the victor. Victoria said either Argos or Sparta. Perhaps she was right.  The night did not simply feed the campers. Ample entertainment was commanded down by the Gods. Dances were had and songs sung, until that sun began to reach the horizon.  Then it was off to Delpi.

It wasn’t a blow out. It usually isn’t and the campers became aware of this as the results were read out loud. Only, the champion city-state could not be announced without the Oracle. Once found. It was revealed that  Victoria, was very spot-on.  Argos and Sparta remained. 

Then the last torch was snuffed out.

Sparta’s was left burning.  





A full gallery of photographs will be available here.


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