From The Walls of Troy.

Painted along the ancient Troy-O-Plex, are the names of past Greek Games Champions.  Tor of Troy never took his focus off the battle in front of him and stated that the teams to watch out for were “either us… or… you know, all of them, all of the teams at this point have a chance of winning.” To aid in the struggle, he speaks of some strategy, “get out as many people I can , go for the weapons I can , go forward…”. Of course, the Trojan War Game has many elements, so the need for various different strategies.  In this labyrinth of a dodgeball battle, Sam Of Athens, has embraced a different strategy, “Cheer!”.

                Unlike other big games here at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, Greek Games’ Trojan war, has counselor heroes aided their city-states. Bales of hay acting as blockades and a Trojan Horse itself laying open behind each team, a preyed upon target, a quick defeat. Willow Of Sparta takes a head on approach, “I run at the ball it the beginning because I think it intimidates the other team.” Her intensity may be why she became a historical Tribal Days Sachem earlier this summer.  However, she doesn’t think she has any particular pressure to follow up that victory with another, “pressure is for every city-state.” she says.

 A fellow Spartan, Peter, proved himself worthy on the field in the younger division and so was given word that the elder warriors of Sparta needed his excitement. “I feel great man, I feel great.”  He cheered while preparing to go out there once again. All of this despite a sudden downpour over the morning’s Olympiad.  As sure as the birds came out to chirp, so did the campers come to play; soaked as they were. It’s another day of games tomorrow, and when the sun falls beyond the horizon, a new Champion will be announced at Delphi. Check back tomorrow for more.

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