Last Night in the North Country

Well, not 100% true. Though it was a few campers day to say good-bye, Pok-O-MacCready Camps had more people than usually on the grounds yesterday.  It was parents day and for many of you reading, this is a recap of what you yourself experienced.  However, once many of the parents had left and the campers returned from their excursions, they found the grounds turned into a carnival.  Another carnival?? Well, the Palooza surely could not have been enough and this one had a North Country theme to it.

What is the North Country?  Sasha said, “Adirondacks”.   Appropriate, yes, this is the north, but the carnival didn’t portray too much of the area, rather it had a classic “fair feel”.  Going along with this were the corndogs, fried dough, lemonade and an a-typical fair fare item, walking taco’s.  

Then, there were games.  These games kept the kids busy for hours.  None of the tasks were simple, many frustrated faces walked away from the bottle game or the washer toss with empty hands.  Still, prizes were being achieved with the tickets won at the games. Others include bean bag toss, ladder golf, and fill the spot. 


Though many of the campers were drowsy, coming down from sugar highs and excitement, the night ended with a rowdy game of North Country Bingo.  Were there dance breaks?  Does one even have to ask?  Chicken Fried, cotton-eye joe and Taylor Swift all made their usual appearance through the speakers.  



A full gallery will be placed up on the online smugmug gallery soon. 


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