The Humans and Their Games.

From his lofted cabin, Zeus himself, granted a few words to be spoken over the humans running around the land below. “My patience has run thing with these petty mortals.  I’ll be watching their battle from the walls of Troy.”  

Last night, he gave a rousing speech in front of these mere mortal campers at Delphi.  Then, he called to his nimble-foot nymphs.  These toga donning dancers  graced Delphi and the mortal campers who sat around the fire; awaiting the Oracle.  Once summoned, the Oracle entered into Delphi and with word from the Gods, sent each newly arrived mortal to their Greek city-states.  

It was announced that the games would begin on the next Monday, with the Olympiad and the Trojan war. From there the battles will continue until Wednesday, when the city-states will return to Delphi and the victor will be announced. 

Sophie spoke with an undaunted confidence in her city-state this morning, “I personally am looking forward to Athens winning again.”  It did not matter if others at the table believed Athens could repeat their victory from last year, she had already went back to concentrating on her cereal.  Chase, however, has a step-by-step approach to his enthusiasm and city-state’s victory.  He said he’s looking forward to the “Peloponnesian War”.  

Though this is one of the last games the city-states will meet in, it is a critical point scoring game and can turn the tide of victory.  



Full lineups for each city state can be found here.

Also! Check out pictures from Delphi and future events here


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