It’s Never Colden August

The forecast today called for thunderstorms, much like the weather which rolled through yesterday evening with a grumble. However, the winds were in our favor, especially for Talia 46’r finish.  Perhaps, it was due to the scheduling storm which postponed her hike more than once. Maybe, nature decided to take a back seat for this one. Talia had this to say about the hike, “it was a beautiful day even though we were supposed to get thundered on and rained on, but we didn’t, so that’s always good.”  

After an estimated 5 years of hiking, she finished today on Mount Colden.  However, unlike many campers who set the goal to finish, Talia took a different approach. “You don’t have to start something with an end goal in mind. When I started hiking 46’rs I wasn’t like, I’m going to do all of these. No, I took it  one or two mountains at a time until I had enough that I thought maybe  that’s something I want to do… step by step.” 

Solid advice for any hiker. Scratch that, fantastic words of wisdom for anyone, anywhere, doing anything. In the winter, we posted about setting goals in lieu of the early push to ready camp (for a summer now nearing the end) and also to discuss the hiking aspect of camp. In it, there is a quote from Confucius, “The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

It is not difficult to see the similar parallel in Talias philosophy as she adds “work your way up there, start with one mountain.” It is exciting to hear this as she heads into the tail end of her Pok-O-MacCready camper experience. Since, it is not just the experiences these kids have at camp, but how they integrate it into their day-to-day lives, that makes this a special place. 

Yet, the trip wasn’t bogged down by the weight of thought, rather lifted in celebration.  At the top they had an interesting spread, including watermelon and a cannoli dip, which Talia sold well by saying “you get your own ratio and it doesnt crumble like a taco.”  Finally, she reflected on her favorite moment being when she came up to the top and everyone was waiting for her:
” I had always come up with a group and it was really cool to see all the people who had pushed me up the mountain.”





She’s #402 for camp and more to come this summer! 
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