Few Words. Many Mountains.

Down from the top of Phelps Mountain, a newly accomplished  46’r, number 401 for Pok-O and after 5 summers of hiking, Eve said this for her trip report, “It was easier than I thought it would be and it was nice and short.”.  Nice and short indeed, with her words. Of course, the act speaks for itself. She gave a concise thank you to her trip counselors Sarah and Isabel after her tunnel and a quick word to other hikers, “Keep going.” 

There was no shortage of praise for Eve from those around her, however.  Willow, who was on the hike, said “I was really happy for her because she has been working on this for so long and to see her finish is great. She seems so relieved.” Her brother Lucas said “I’m pretty sure she just did it to get the patch so that she could put it on her blanket.” Perhaps, but for whatever reason, she did it and a whole dining room of happy campers clapped and cheered Eve into dinner.  Her smile spoke plenty.

Once the commotion settled down, it was obvious the other campers began to think about their proximity to the revered 46. There are plenty that are close and are pushing to finish in this 3 week so session so stay tuned. More finishers to come, but today August 3rd is Eve’s day.

See a listing of all camp 46ers HERE, and for a full gallery of this and other hikes, plus many more camp activities, check out our online photo gallery.


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Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

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