To Keep the Trail!

More trail work was done today as the MacCready CIT’s took their rakes and hoes out to the Pok-O-Moonshine trails in order to clean up the water bars.  This is an annual volunteer action taken by  campers and it continues to foster a strong relationship between camp, the surrounding mountains and those who’s task it is to oversee them.

“It’s great to see how the trails were engineered and be able to give back to a trail that we use so much.”  Sophie said at the following dinner.  Her CIT peer, Abbi furthered her point by saying “I learned how hard people have to work to maintain the trails.”  The water bars are key ditches dug along the side of the trail. These allow the flow of water to move along the trail instead of through it.  The goal is preservation and like most trail works efforts, it is constant and hard work.  

However, Sierra said “It wasn’t as hard as I thought… It was good.”  Perhaps her capacity for work has been greatly increased by her late effort to finish her 46.  “I’ve barely been on camp.” she said as she described all of the hikes she has very recently gone on. In total, she’s hiked around 50 miles in the past week or  so. In addition she has 6 remaining mountains including a Street and Nye trip going out tomorrow.

 “It was a great break from hiking… it was nice to do something easy and still keep my muscles working.”  Her favorite moment of the trail work was when the whole group broke out in song, singing Hamilton.  “The trail guide wasn’t into it.” She said.


Abbi spoke about her favorite being a coffee cup sized wasp nest which was found hanging from a flimsy branch.  “There was a sign warning us about it and we had to bushwhack around.”  The act of bushwhacking can be adverse in terms of trail preservation, but action must be taken when dealing with those feisty buggers. 

Sophie said that her favorite was “walking back down the trail and seeing the work that we did… hard work pays off.”  In a way the trail work is much like cleaning up your room or doing dishes. The resulting pride comes from the visible and immediate change. It is not a stretch, either, to think of this neighboring mountain as an extension of the campground. Also, like most chores, it can be a begrudging process in the beginning, with these campers dragging their feet to the van, but afterwards they all seemed fulfilled with a sense of accomplishment. 


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