Hikes Out! Classes in.

One half of the camp went missing today!  All of Camp MacCready went out for their hike day!  It was a beautiful day for it as well.  All of the campers favorites made an appearance. The chill Long Pond Adventure, the rewarding Algonquin, the welcoming Roostercomb, a bubbly Loj-snake hike and a mystery hike sponsored by Konowitz.

From Rattlesnake these Loj campers had a bit to say:

Shea: It was really fun and a great view.
Lula: You can see Pok-O-MacCready from the top!

When asked what was a memorable moment:

Lula: making a cuddle puddle on the top, where we put all the jackets in the middle and cuddled.
Shea: I don’t know. 
Lula: What about the cuddle puddle on the top?
Shea: Yeah! The cuddle puddle. 

From the Konowitz mystery hike ( a quick mile hike towards Grace Peak, but then a veer and stop at at a waterfall.)

Eve:  She liked that “we didn’t have to hike for a while.”

Sometimes nature appreciation doesn’t have to come with pools of sweat and tired limbs.  With that, we head over to Valentina, who was on the Long Pond Adventure. However, she had never paddled a canoe before, so this was not the easiest of days.


Valentina: “It was a little hard…going the way we went… I liked all of it.  The weather was hot and the water was cold”

Heading out towards the high peak wilderness was the Roostercomb hike.  Maddie and Mallory had this to say.

Maddie: “It was really beautiful. You can see the street from the top.” “Melanie kept telling riddles the entire time. They were really good. I learned a lot of new ones.”


Mallory: “Tiring… but good view…really good view.”

Finally, coming in as the last arriving trip, rightfully so since the distance more than doubles the other hikes, came the Algonquin trip.  Olivia and Maya had some words.

Olivia: “Overall, it was a great day. If I had a rose bud thorn, this is all my rose, I have no thorn. I have already done Algonquin before and this was a better trip. It was a great group, very sunny, very beautiful at the top. One of my favorite high peaks for views.”


Maya:  “I liked the view. It was pretty. I liked the hike overall.”

Whether short or long with their words, all of these campers should be proud about going out and stepping off camp into the wilderness today. Each trip brings its own unique rewards that all the participants benefit from.

Follow the link here to check them out.


Also. Online Photo gallery keeps filling with wonderful and fun pictures.  Check them out here


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