Peace… Love… Pok-O

Camp is probably the only place in the universe where a field used for war games one day, is infiltrated by tie-dyes, peace signs and free hugs the next; probably. This is exactly what happened today on the JR. Ballfield outside of Robinson Hall. All the campers turned in their Blue & Grey shirts for rainbow and Tie-dye.

Put your peace signs up for Pok-O-Palooza and Pizza Slam. This is just one of the themed carnivals that happen throughout the summer. Is may not be a coincidence that the sun was in its full glory, shining over the party today.  Maybe it is just a theme, but the prevalent spirit of love and kindness within the campers, also shines bright during this occasion.

“Peace and Love…” Christian says, “…are the first two things you need in life. Not food or water.”  The words of this 8th year camper sum up the Pok-O spirit perfectly.  However, food and water are staples of Pok-O-MacCready. It would not be a Palooza without the Pizza Slam. 

These pizzas, are not simple pepperoni or cheese. There is always an eclectic selection. Some highlights include: Poutine pizza, Spam & Pineapple and Mac&Cheese.  As always, there were selections for all dietary restrictions. Our cook Shannon treats us well.  The food was the highlight for Sasha.  His favorite was the meat-lovers.  For Christian, the hot wings were the best.

Of course, the pizza does not encompass all of the time spent at the palooza.  There is live music from the camp band, dancing, jewelry making, flower crowns, fortune telling, trivia, love letters, weddings, face-painting and of course… bubbles.

The bubbles seemed to be the highlight of the whole day. Kids were able to manifest large wobbly bubbles which floated off into the trees or popped in their faces.  Also, there were large hula hoops that made it possible to have some inside a bubble.  They did not, however, float away.  Although, Tor, did somehow manage to turn into a human mess of bubbles towards the end of the night.  He could be seen running around covered in clusters of white bubbles. At least he took care of his nightly shower.

Other highlights include the cutest wedding imaginable, pictures surely to end up in the slideshow, of a group of girls marrying our nurse’s puppy, Pippin. Chloe managed to become covered in designs after hours of face painting and drawing. Yuri, maxed out the milkcrate climb and hung in his harness from a tall tree branch to the applause of the whole group.  Finally, the Marshall hike returned safe and sound and it allowed the whole camp to be reunited for the last few hours of the festival.

More pictures to be added to our online smugmug gallery


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