113th Annual Blue & Grey Games

                 The most pleasant Pok-O-MacCready meals are usually when the whole camp comes together to eat after a rowdy war game.  Tonight… Tonight we saw our loves, tonight in Robinson Hall, (no longer magic-fied).  Headmaster Josh gave each of the assigned tables a task: to find the common connection between the mixed dinner group.  The challenge added to the joyous energy and the Mac & Cheese had a great scald on it. There were plenty of smiles. It was hard to realize that these campers were just at war.

                Melanie gave a one word answer to describe her 3rd round strategy in the 113th annual Blue & Grey Games; “kill.”  Matteo was on a similar wave length. “I was given a list from the ADV. So, I am going to hunt those people down.” Yet, what is war good for? Thankfully, this was a game and these campers too full of smiles to be believed as malicious.  In their hands were ‘flourhawks’, Pok-O-MacCready’s patented flour-in-a-sock device, used to toss and tag opponents out.  The Blue & Grey game has resemblances to our Rev War game and Capture game in Tribal Days.

  Between the trees of lower camp, flour-cloud puffs swirled into the air under the bright afternoon sun.  Campers cheered and charged from all the areas of the playing field.  Groups of blue shirt or grey shirted campers, alongside counselors swelled together like waters behind a dam, until one yelled “charge!” 

                The game resembles an amped up capture the flag. The method for success is to embrace the diverse strategies of each player.  Some campers took to the flour-hawk tossing route that Matteo and Melanie chose.  Yuri, nick-named himself “snipe-dog” and provided his hand-eye coordination for any who needed help.  A Loj camper carried around a bundle of flour hawks, but seemed uninterested in using them. She explained, “I’m just gonna keep grabbing them and giving them and grabbing them and giving them.” In a similar, complementary strategy, Sam, an ADV, said “I’m gonna get little kids. We need to get them involved. I’m just going to run into the base and circle around until I get caught. It provides a distraction. Also, we need to get cannons.”

         Now, these cannons resembled lacrosse sticks with tennis balls.  They were used to hit barricade signs with, so that the area could switch in occupation.  Kate, a cannon operator, spoke of her strategy, “Just throw it.”  Others had simple strategies as well.  Lula said, “hide behind a tree and pop out.”  A group of girls stayed safe and said they would “stay in the base.”  This wasn’t a bad strategy since the bases are very important and there were campers getting thrown out left and right.

                Once the trumpet blasted for the last time, all was smiley and sweaty. Conveniently, the game ended at dinner time and right around the dining hall. Hands were washed and everyone headed in for the Mac & Cheese.  After dessert, Josh read off what each table thought their ‘connection’ was to each other.  They were all very entertaining, but it was revealed that this was actually an impossible task and there were no pre-determined connections.  Still, each table was able to find something in common with each other. When it was announced that the Blue team won, in true Pok-O-MacCready style, almost everyone in the dining hall cheered.  Perhaps then, war is good for absolutely nothing, but great mac & cheese paired with wonderful conversation is really something.

For a full gallery of today’s activities, check out our online photo gallery.


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