Magic at MacCready?

Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camps underwent a magical transformation this afternoon. Around 2pm, the whole place, all of the sudden, became Hogwarts.  It’s doubtful that the wizardry school needs an introduction, but if it does, it’s from the Harry Potter book series.

The Sorting Hat did it’s duty and next came an afternoon of Quidditch matches.  Everyone who’s anyone in this magical land knows that the Gryffindor team has a proud reputation to live up to, but the teams of Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff were not short of their own glory today.  Some great matches were played and in the end, Ravenclaw was announced winner.

The news came towards the beginning of the Yule Ball.  Wizards were dancing and magic was in the air.  Prior to this, the Great Hall, was used for a feast.  On the stage sat all of the professors and each house sat together.  Almost all of the favorite characters showed up for the feast, even some less recognizable ones.  Performances were done by the lurking dementors as well as a sing-along with Harry Potter himself.  After the food was consumed and dessert gobbled, Dumbledore announced a few rounds of trivia.

Competition was still in the air with these questions.  Every house seemed eager to prove their knowledge. Casey said his hand was up in the air for almost every question, but he did not get picked to answer any.  It’s alright, Dumbledore had to make numerous apologies for his luxurious white hair getting in the way of his eyesight.  Casey did, however, speak very highly of the food.  An unscripted answer from him; the veggies were his favorite. 

The camp may return back from being Hogwarts tomorrow, but that does not mean that the magic will be gone. Stay tuned for more summer camp updates!  (Full gallery at:


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