CIT & ADV Out in the Woods

 The eldest section of campers, our counselor-in-training sections, both had interesting days in the woods today.  For a classic, chill day, the CIT’s went up Pok-O-Moonshine mountain. This was a part of a couple outdoor excursions today.  The ADV, spent their afternoon helping out former Pok-O staff member Jim Kobak at the Ausable Chasm Mountain bike trails.

Talia, a CIT camper gave the rundown on the day’s hike: 

“It was super cool, but we got even just 15 minutes away from the top we were in a cloud. So, we were in a cloud for like forever which was really fun. We went up the backside which I had never done before and that was really fun. We saw a beaver dam which was really cool. Walked over it. Crazy. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time.”

Piper added,”it was really cloudy. Its eerie but cool, because walk up through the trees and into the mist. It was cool.” She said that she prefer the challenge of 46’rs but was happy with how this hike went. 

Down the road, the ADV were hard at work. The trails, as Brennan, the “Southern Summit’r” says, were “kind of trails” and then they “rake and cleared out the trees to make it easier and more obvious for bikers.”  It was his first time doing trail work and says that it was a fun time. The opportunity for trail work, gives a break from hiking and offers a great lesson in appreciation.  The trails can seem like natural paths, but all of them take a great effort to maintain.
Kassa, enjoyed the social aspect of the trail work, on-top of the actually helping itself.  He also was excited to work next to a past Pok-O staff member.  Kassa prefers hiking, but to him, the Trail work was enjoyable.  “The opportunity to help them was great.”

More pictures from the hike and trail work, can be found on the online photo gallery.


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