Tribal Games: Day #1


The Onondaga went undefeated in both the girl’s and boy’s Tug of War Tuesday night, to cap off a very busy day of competition at Pok-O-MacCready’s 2017 Tribal Games.

Early in the day, the Mohawk were the winners in three other events:

The World’s Most Complicated Game:


Martin: “I really liked scavenging for the worms. I went in the swamp to get a frog but wasn’t successful.”

Max: “Back when I was a ‘Pio’, I didn’t really understand what was happening and just listened to the Chief and Sachem, but now that I’m older I understand what to do.”

Graham: “It was really fun being a runner and just running and getting the clues.”

MacCready Great Journey:


Jessa: “I ran from the swim docks to the human jump course. It was all uphill!”

Sage: “I am looking forward to the relay race tomorrow because I like the excitement as you wait for the next person.”

Ruby:  “The message helped me focus on running because I kept saying it over and over again and I didn’t think about how tired I was.”

Pok-O Rolas:


Wyatt: “The play of the game was when Matteo got aggressive, because i think it stole the match.”

David: “Gamunu was the best.  He was just Gamunu. A star. He did everything.”

Tor: “I feel like Seneca did horrible but, I mean, it was still fun. It’s a really fun game and I think they should still do it.”

Find a multitude of images from all four Tuesday events at our ONLINE GALLERY


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