Tribal Games continue; Standings are very close

Wednesday morning saw two coed tribal events take place:


In Tribal Tasks, the Onondaga picked up where they left off Tuesday night, winning the event, which consisted of various track & field, and agility tests.

Shea (Mohawk):  “I did the triple jump and the meadow run.  They were fun because everyone got to participate.”

Martin (Onondaga):  “I was in the Pony Express and Spear Throw,  I did my best and was this (fingers close together) close to winning against the young and old kids.  I got second.”


Concurrent to Tribal Tasks was the 113th running of the Tribal Relay Race.  Aside from covering a nearly 10-mile course around camp and Long Pond, campers had to relay a message.  The Tuscarora were the first tribe across the line but the Cayuga had the better combined score (race and message) to win the event.

Faye (Tuscarora):  “We put our fastest runners last.  Also, we had most of our foreign speaking campers go before the message was opened; I think most tribes did that too.”

Remi (Onondaga):  “At first, when I found out I was doing both the first and last leg, I was shaking.  But in the end, doing that and not being last, I was happy!”

Wit only one more event, and the tribal project judging yet to take place, only three points separate the top four tribes in the standings.  SEE UP TO DATE TRIBAL RESULTS HERE

Also, here’s a short gallery of this morning’s action.  Hundreds of tribal games photos can be found at OUR ONLINE GALLERY.


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