The Pok-O Closed, Opens.

        The Pok-O-Closed volleyball tournament has become an annual camp institution.  Campers of all ages, from either side of camp are invited to make a team and compete. The competition is tough.         Teams never give up, even if the match is for 7th place, out of 8. Yet, like all things Pok-O-MacCready, this competition provides moments sweeter than a win and more lasting than a t-shirt.  Good-hearts connect over battling nets and losers cheer on the winners.  Despite its’ ‘closed’ name, the tournament’s inclusiveness allows siblings, George and Bridget to compete together.
       “That’s my sister on my team.” said the proud ADV camper.  George said the experience felt “as if a sibling close to me is playing on a volleyball court with me.” Shortly after, Bridget ran up and answered the same question with double the energy “I feel good”.  The two enjoyed playing, but it seemed that having fun was the main goal. The goofiness of this talk only seemed to escalate when the two got together.
                     When asked if the sibling connection helped or hurt their team, Bridget said “I don’t know.” George followed with, “She doesn’t know”.  He somewhat agreed by saying their relation “is totally indifferent to his team’s success.” When asked if this was their first time playing together, they answered simultaneously.
                “When was the first time?”
                “Last year.” said George.
                “What was it?” 
                                                                                           They answered at the same time.
                It seemed as though volleyball was in the blood. Instead, Bridget said basketball was their family sport. George thought it was croquet or competitive eating.  Regardless, their team, the “Inflamed Rashes” did well and finished 4th.  Once their run ended, they became a part of the crowd that formed next to the championship match. Playing for the overall win was “Hair Up” and “Hit’s Don’t Lie”. 

                There is an undercurrent of hilarious puns and fun during this tournament.  A team of not-so-tall campers, were named “Mighty Mice.” One team chose their name, “This is Too Stressful” and another honored past Pok-O cook Mike, by naming their team “Mike Soup”.  Yet, only one team could prevail.

                Teams “Hits” and “Hair” provided a show for the crowd with remarkable rallies.  Their consistent back and forth proved why they were the top teams, but also revealed their relentlessness. Team communication was crisp and necessary, few mistakes were made, but points were earned. In the end, “Hit’s Don’t Lie” was victorious. 

                Afterwards, the energy on the court was odd.  It was as if they desired another match.  In a way, it presents a quality about this camp. Victory is not necessarily the main goal, but the experience.  On a hike, for example, the peak is the shortest part of the trip. Nevertheless, the game was over and for the rest of the summer, “Hit’s Don’t Lie” will wear their success with pride.  That is, until next summer, when teams will meet again in this annual tournament.

To access individual team and action photos, go to our online photo gallery.


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