A Graced Day for a Hike!

        We announced a new 46’r in an earlier blog post today. Eliza finished her 46th ascent this afternoon and became the first for the 113th summer at Pok-O-MacCready Camps.  On the list of all-time camp 46’rs she is 397th.  She finished on Grace Peak, a mountain formerly known as East Dix.  We thought this deserved a more in depth look.

            East Dix was renamed Grace Peak in 2014, after Grace Hudowalski. It was an apt name switch and an appropriate mountain for Eliza to finish on. Grace was a pioneer of recreation in the Adirondacks.  She became the first woman to climb all 46 and was a founding member of the 46’r group.  She is #9 overall in history.

          Eliza is not the first of her family.  She is a part of a long-time legacy at camp; the fourth generation to be exact. Her mother, Stephanie, and father, Chris are also 46’rs and were on the hike.  Her brother Jackson, an ADV camper, was also on the hike, but is not a 46’r.  This makes Eliza, like Grace, a first.  She is the first of this fourth generation, as well as the the first at camp to finish on this peak after being renamed.

            Jackson says that he has always enjoyed being on camp and the “camp aspect” of the summer; big games, section activities, Robinson Hall meals and such. Eliza, however, became very excited to finish her 46:

                 “I started when I was five but I didn’t really hike that much until I came to camp when I was seven… I got old with it sometimes… then I got really excited to finish and I’ve wanted to for like three years, but  at camp…. this year, it was definitely my year”

      The wilderness agreed. Rain fell later in the day but, it held off during the hike.  Clouds did form but soon dissipated. The girls said the peak was actually in a cloud.  Then, the sun guided them down. Despite some visibility issues on the ascent, Chris said that they were able to see well on their way down.  There, in the parking lot, Eliza was greeted by more loving support. Her grandfather and another camper, Graciela, who could not make it on the hike, were waiting for her.  They showered her with well earned praise and gifts including flowers, Gatorade and a 46’r t-shirt.

Eliza becomes the first camp 46er of 2017; the 397th all-time (SEE FULL LIST).  That means the 400th is soon to come.  Who will it be? Boy’s hikes go out on Sunday and a new week, means more wilderness adventures.  Be sure to check back for more announcements and pictures. 

For more pictures,to peek or purchase, check out our gallery.


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