Black and Blue Rule the Day


Two tribal events were held Sunday afternoon; one girls, one boys; one on land, one on sea.

Camp MacCready Rolas was won by the Tuscarora.  “We worked as a team and we had good athletes,” said tribal Sachem Faye, of the Tuscy success.  “Everyone was ok with subbing in and out, so everyone got to play a lot.”

Added tribe member Beatrice:  “We had a good showing – and good teamwork – from both the younger and older campers.”


The Pok-O-Moonshine Boat Carnival was captured by the Onondaga.  “A full success for all of the ‘dagas,” boasted Patti, the tribe’s Chief.  “Everyone gave their best and we used our experience.”

“It was really fun and very competitive,” said new Onondaga Sean F., who competed in the single oar rowboat event.  “I think the (Onondaga) boys are doing really well so far.”

Competition resumes after the visiting day weekend.  SEE A FULL GALLERY WITH DOZENS OF PICTURES HERE.

2017 Tribal Results HERE.


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