MuckMasters at Crane Mountain!


  Today, a trip of campers volunteered at   Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue. It was a brave Horse Masters for the kids. The drive was short, down to Westport, NY and Crane Mountain was right off Route 87. The Rescue takes in horses they describe in their website as “broken bodies and broken souls”. 

a brave Horse Masters

         Chantal Gillilland, our Tour Guide, CMVHR’s Barn Manager and past Pok-O Riding Director let the campers know “our policy here is that we don’t sugar coat anything. This is real stuff that actually happens”  The horse were all very interesting; a Palomino Stallion to steer clear of, a bald face with walleyes, and especially Spartacus; the overall camper favorite.

             Chantal and CMVHR rehabilitates horses who have struggled under their owners.  Some come in starving, others bleeding, and likely fearful.  Spartacus, a 12 yr old mini gelding, had a story that stopped campers in their tracks. Crane Mountain took in Spartacus after a tragic family story out of a tv-show, it seemed. Whether a past of pride or pain, these horses found “their way to the bottom”. Yet, there are people there for them.

Muck Ready.

    “They undergo a lot of stress and horribleness but can still be happy, carefree horses.” Tamrin said later.  While mucking, she thanked the sun for coming out and herself for remembering her sunglasses, because instead of rain, a great sun came through the clouds. Her highlight of the whole day was mucking. “I feel like the ones that have the best stories are the coolest” She says while raking. 

   The farm resembles something out of Charlotte’s Web; pig’s penned next to old stallions; chickens running free and darting around.  Her brother Kylor thought about his answer and said “They go through a lot of bad stuff but are still happy.”  Like sister, like brother. The campers were eager to do anything for these scarred wonders. It brightened them at the end of the day.

Happy Day!

            Crane Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, provides services for humans as well. “we do a lot of programs for summer camps, at risk youth, people who need rehabilitation…” “horses really tend to help people, kind of, learn things about themselves” It was an great educational opportunity for counselors as well. Hopefully this won’t be the last chance for campers to have this opportunity.


      Much more to come!  We say good-bye to our 2-Weekers and hello to Parent’s day next weekend. Time is flying where fun is had. So, more summer camp news to come! As always, check out our Online Photo Gallery for high quality camper photos.              



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