MacCready Whomps Whippoorwill

    A hot day for camp sports as MacCready took on Whippoorwill in soccer.  The sun wasn’t the only thing on fire today; our campers outscored their opponents by 7 goals.  These points were spread out between five players Nora, Mackenzie and Sage with two; Prisca and Elodie with one. It was an overall group victory. Subs were flying in and out, leaving no player on the bench for too long.

      Further highlighting the team effort is what Faye believed to be the play of the game. “Prisca passed to Ashley and her to MacKenzie who shot it and was blocked by the goalie”.  Though this moment did not end in a score, it showed off a smooth connection between players who have yet to even practice together this summer. Faye, who could be seen sprinting the length of the field in just a few strides, thought the game was fun and the opponents “good sports, but a little mean”. 

No one can blame the ‘camp down the road’ for getting a little frustrated at such a lead.  It must’ve been the points, however, because this match was all about sports(wo)manship and teamwork.  All of the MacCready players made sure each handled the ball and got to play positions they desired.

                The match ended with a sizzle and Nurse Krista handing out ice pops to cool off.  This was a promising day for future inter-camp sports matches and there are more to come soon.  Check out our online photo gallery for pictures of today’s event.


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