The Revolution is Here!

                Rain sent the armies back to their camps on Saturday, but by Monday the sun was shining.  It was a fitting day for a re-revolution and the following day is actually Independence Day.  The Pok-O-MacCready Camp Rev War is a big game, which encompasses most of lower camp.  There are cities to be captured, flour hawks to be tossed, pirates to beware and typically a battle on the waterfront.
                 Well, this year brought a few rule changes. Now, the battle was to only take place on land.  For this, there wasn’t a dissenter to be heard among the group. Also, soldiers had to return to their own base more often, preventing quick the turn-around of cities.  Lastly, CIT/ADV could now take flags in defense of a city.
                 Piper, a CIT, had fun this war and said that this new rule “made it a little more fun and interesting”.  “It added depth.” she said with a voice on the verge of being lost. As a CIT, she does not take fully active role of participation in the game. The camper to counselor transition CIT’s make involves focusing instead on to get younger campers excited. “It gives you more perspective… it was fun running around hyping kids up.”  It is a loud game with a ton of cheering, and this usually ends in some quieter voices in the days to follow. 
               “It was chaos” Andrew said.  Even with the new rules, “There was 90 + turnovers. It was chaos.” This could be the reason for the resulting victory for the Americans.  They came out on top, again, “by about 50,000 points” Emmitt said. It seemed like the British needed to change up their strategy. Andrew, an American, spoke about how “they needed to beat the pirates and not just run around.”  A different Andrew, this one a British soldier, seemed to think that there was too many people guarding already captured bases. “We had like 20 people guarding a base”.  When this happens, it is hard to go out and capture other bases to gain points.                                         
        All in all, the troops still met for dinner and by that point it was hard to tell who was on which side. Regardless of country affiliation, there is one bond that all the campers share in this battle.  It is an opportunity to throw flour hawks at counselors.
                More BIG games to come! Tribal Elections coming near!  Check back for more news, videos and as always look through our online photo gallery for pictures.


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