Pok-O Plays Ball!

        Today at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, we played baseball.  “America’s pastime” is a fitting activity for the holiday.  Our opponents came from Camp Lincoln, “the camp down the road”, and showed up with a mixed age team, so our two boys’ teams combined for the game.

          Pok-O took an early lead and by the third inning the score was 4-1 in favor of the good guys.  A Camp Lincoln player, squinting from the sun, said “we’re outmatched, most of us are like ten years old.”  Yet, the game was not as poorly matched as he thought and Lincoln did attempt a late comeback. 

          When it was all said and done, Pok-O eeked by with a 5-4 victory. Charlie, was happy with his performance, though he cited a finger cut that proved to be a challenge to throwing and hitting.  Perhaps he expended a little too much out on the Revolutionary War battlefield.  Still, he was able to make contact with his first at bat, but was thrown out at first.  His brother Luke, sitting by the base, began to raise his hands in protest.  It was a close call, but he decided to go with the flow despite his disagreement.
            There were plenty of close calls in this game. Rumor had it, that the batter’s box was a bit too healthy in size. Nevertheless, the Pok-O parking lot was seeing plenty of action as the team smacked drives down the middle on numerous occasions.  Camden, contributed to the teams hits with a strong ground roll double, solid hits as well  from Ryan and Sean.

       Coach James Desmond spoke about his choice of pitchers at the game.  He chose Camden as his opener, who was slinging fastballs in practice.  Then, soon after the quick lead, Sean came in and the Henry relieved and closed.  It was an overall team effort and this also meant players getting to try out numerous positions; a perk of camp baseball that could be lost in a realm of stricter competition.  At dinner, Henry was awarded the game ball and a round of applause.  Camden, who awarded the ball, congratulated him on stepping up and throwing a few great innings.

For more team info check out our sports page.



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