Moon Shines on the Pios!


Ben and Robert of Pio

    The talk of last night’s Moonshiner was the Pioneer sections musical act.  They performed different versions of songs including what Owen said was the “Money, Money song”.  Feelings on the night were hard to pull out of the troupe at breakfast, they seemed to be onto the next great thing.  Phoebe, however, thought that the act was really funny.  She was all smiles about the whole event, but the Pioneers were definitely her favorite. 

    The Moonshiner comes around a couple times during the summer and is Pok-O-MacCready Camps’ version of a talent show.  The acts often have a wide range of comedic, musical and physical elements to them.  Many, as with the Pioneers, involve a large group of the section and showcase some unknown talents of campers.  It was like this for a group of Intermediates.

                Kylor, played a ghost, as seen by a signature white sheet costume. The skit was about a ghost, a boy and some ghost repellent.  If the repellent was taken, he would be safe from ghosts for 24 hours and if he didn’t, the ghost could get him.  When asked who wrote it the boy said “we all did”.  It takes a lot of bravery to get up on the stage, but I am sure it is easier with friends beside you. 
    Phoebe said, instead, that she “wouldn’t ever do it” and she would “rather do the play”.  It can be difficult to put something together and then perform it.  Yet, with auditions already happening we are excited to see Phoebe on stage for a more scripted performance in the camper play.  More on that and the process of the original play to come!   


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