Really Wright-eous Hikes!

                 Groups coming home after a hike are always bursting with unique energy.  Regardless of what troubles may have been encountered on the trail; they are home, they made it.  This is the true completion of the trip; reaching the peak of a mountain is only a rewarding half of the whole. 

            This past Sunday, all of MacCready sought out that special “peak moment” and all returned with relief. Hikes went out to Rooster Comb, Sugarloaf, Long Pond and Wright Mountain. This last mountain, Wright, is a part of the MacIntyre Mountain Range.  It is a beloved mountain among campers for its spectacular view, difficult boulders to mount and the remains of an old plane crash from 1962.  Wright Peak was bagged on Sunday by a great group of MacCready hikers.

                The energy after the hike can best be described by the word they kept repeating, “really”.  They took turns saying how the trip had been “really fun, really, really awesome, really cold at the top, really windy” and even “really scary”.  It was told that the way up was “really muddy” and the peak held a surprise bee’s nest.

                While the boy’s patiently moved through manner meal, these hikers had their own meal outside on the picnic table and it could be heard really clearly, how they all really had fun.  Excitement aside, one of the climbers spoke about how the trip was “a nice and relaxing hike”. This just goes to show how hiking is for everyone!  No matter how you experience the trip, you all make it together!


There are many more hiking pictures on our photo gallery


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