A Brilliant Boat Carnival


          Rain has submerged the docks, but the 2017 Boat Carnival was still on.  Both sides of camp compete in this event as a part of the overall Tribal Games. Today, however, it was MacCready’s turn to get on the water.  The legs of the event utilize almost all of the watercrafts that camp has to offer; playaks, canoes, rowboats, kayaks and windsurf boards. These races are not simple relays because there are complications added such as a blindfolded rower or the use of only hands. This makes communication between teammates absolutely critical and the whole event a joy to watch.

                Annabelle participated in a race that involved noodles and swimming.  A swimmer herself, she suggested that the carnival may add a race with a butterfly swim.  She says “it’s hard because you have to butterfly and dolphin kick at the same time.” She loved to watch the other events as well, like the crazy dive, which Prisca excelled at.

                “I’m not afraid of people” and “I’ve done it before, so I wasn’t afraid.” she commented at dinner.  This diving event asks participants to not just dive, but yell out a cheer for their tribe before jumping.  She planned the night before and it showed in her presentation, especially with one song she wrote herself about blue-jays in reference to her tribes blue color.  The jumps that followed showed off a confident skill at the diving board.  Yet, her competition did not lay back in defeat.  Flips, dives and impressive gymnastic moves were displayed by all. 

    When asked about the condition of the docks, Prisca said “It was fine. I thought I was going to slip, but I didn’t” Annabelle actually enjoyed the watery dock and used the word “awesome” to describe it.  These are some persistent campers and it represents the promising competition to come.
    On top of the races, was another cheer section.  The campers came prepared and busted out their best melodies.  Click here to check out a montage video of the cheers, as well as other videos

                More to come, so stay tuned for more news, pictures and videos. This summer is only just beginning.  For more pictures look through our Online Photo Gallery.


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