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Hikes Out! Classes in.

One half of the camp went missing today!  All of Camp MacCready went out for their hike day!  It was a beautiful day for it as well.  All of the campers favorites made an appearance. The chill Long Pond Adventure, the rewarding Algonquin, the welcoming Roostercomb, a

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Week 5 Recap (video)

The days keep on rolling here at Pok-O-MacCready.  Here’s a little look at this past week.     For more videos, check out our Summer Camp Videos page. As always, detailed galleries are available for viewing pleasure or purchase at: SmugMug Gallery.

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Peace… Love… Pok-O

Camp is probably the only place in the universe where a field used for war games one day, is infiltrated by tie-dyes, peace signs and free hugs the next; probably. This is exactly what happened today on the JR. Ballfield outside of Robinson Hall. All the campers

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113th Annual Blue & Grey Games

                 The most pleasant Pok-O-MacCready meals are usually when the whole camp comes together to eat after a rowdy war game.  Tonight… Tonight we saw our loves, tonight in Robinson Hall, (no longer magic-fied).  Headmaster Josh gave each of the

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Ask the Campers

If you could change into an animal, which animal would you choose? Sierra: Dolphin Abe: A Housecat Lula: Dolphin Abbi: A Sloth Mckenna: Cat Sophie: Turtle   Cole: Snapping Turtle Damien: Dragon Jarred: A Mastofish Nial: Hawk

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Magic at MacCready?

Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camps underwent a magical transformation this afternoon. Around 2pm, the whole place, all of the sudden, became Hogwarts.  It’s doubtful that the wizardry school needs an introduction, but if it does, it’s from the Harry Potter book series. The Sorting Hat did it’s duty and

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CIT & ADV Out in the Woods

 The eldest section of campers, our counselor-in-training sections, both had interesting days in the woods today.  For a classic, chill day, the CIT’s went up Pok-O-Moonshine mountain. This was a part of a couple outdoor excursions today.  The ADV, spent their afternoon helping out former Pok-O staff

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Pioneers Win the Hike Day

         It’s that day again. The day for the Pok-O-Moonshine campers to shuttle out into different areas of the Adirondack Forest. Some didn’t go so far and others ventured out to the High Peaks for the summits of Phelps, Street and Nye. All-in-all, a

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Helping Hands in the 3-Weeks

       Looking at the schedule for today’s camp activities could start up a moment of déjà vu.  As the 3-Week campers and new Day campers roll in, the itinerary for the day is very similar to the beginning of the 4-week session.  All the staff

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A “Once in a Lifetime”: Opportunity for New.

                  On Saturday, it was the final night for the 4-Weekers.  This meant final good-byes to friends and some, to camp until they have the opportunity to return as counselors in two summers.  Yet, Saturday night was also a big beginning for camp.  The tables of

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Another Day, Another 46er

For the third day in a row, Pok-O-MacCready added to its impressive list of Adirondack 46ers. Highlander camper Remi completed her quest on the summit of Colden.  “It was a fun day, it was fun to be with my friends,” said the hiker of honor, clearly downplaying

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Trophies Earned on Land & Sea

The opening session of the 2017 camp season is quickly coming to a close, but not before a few sports titles needed to be decided: AT THE POK-O PLEX:  Miles‘s three goals led his team to victory in the Senior Hockey League final.  It was a second

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Baskets, Blankets, Tributes and Memories

The boys of Pok-O-Moonshine marked the ending of the opening session Friday night, with their 113th annual banquet.  The meal, cooked by the kitchen staff and served by the C.I.T’s, included chicken, fresh veggies, and a raspberry tart. The awards program was highlighted by the announcement of

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Tor of the Mountains

#399 of all-time Pok-O-MacCready summer camp, 46’r finishers is Tor. His finish on top of Mt. Colden, after just 5 years of pursuit, makes him the 3rd of our 113th Summer. He had this to say: ” I could’ve done it sooner, but it was my choice.  It

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High Honors for the MacCready Campers

The Camp MacCready Session #1 banquet took place Thursday night at Robinson Hall.  Following a meal of Chicken Cordon Bleu, awards were presented for class participation, achievement, riding excellence, wilderness trips, and much more.  The big awards of the evening were presented to the campers listed below. 

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