Gather Around the Fire

               The hatchet is still buried… for now.  Teams met in the sand pit and competition was already in the air.  Each sounded out their songs, hoping to better their opponents before the battle has even begun.  Within the spirit of it all, is the compassion that keeps the camp bright and joyful.

The Great Council Fire ring

                Those who were new to the show stood patiently in a large mass, mostly quiet. Surely, for the past few days their new camp friends have been chattering about the competition to come.  It is well known, by anyone who has spent a summer here, how cherished this time is for campers of both past and present. For some it is an opportunity to explore a leadership role and for all it is a time to cultivate a sense of teamwork.  Once all were gathered at the council, the fire was lit. Now, those new campers were going to find out who they will be playing with during the coming games.
                Only, this year’s fire was not an explosion of flames, but a slow flicker amongst the saturated logs.  Is this an omen of the things to come?  At lunch, Sage did not seem too worried. Although  “it didn’t really light” she said, “it was fun”.  Liam agreed with this notion and thought it was great to see all of the new campers.  He, however, wouldn’t mind “pouring gasoline on it” or “using a little more kindling”.  When Jordan, a first-year camper, was asked about the council, he just chomped on some French toast and nodded in satisfaction.

  More to come as the games surely get heated. Today, brings the first event: the track meet.

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