Summer Class Ain’t Bad!

                Today was the first day of classes! It’s an exciting, but confusing time.  The schedules are passed out to the campers and not long after, they head out to their meeting locations.  Since it is only the first day, the confusion can hinder time spent doing the activity. For some classes, such as sailing, the first day can only briefly dip into the knowledge needed to participate.

                At the archery range, Abe, a senior, said “well it was some of the students 1st year so we only shot one round.” However, rock-climbing seemed to get right down to business.  He spoke about his enjoyment of the bouldering cave at our indoor rock climbing gym, The Crux.  There, students get a break from the sun and take on the challenging sport one hold at a time. 


                It seemed that most classes had a successful first day. Melanie mentioned how funny her drawing/painting class was.  She said that they did, “the usual monster drawing”. This is where a piece of paper is folded in three-ways and students take turns drawing a section of the monster, without knowing what the other parts look like.  Besides this, she said that her favorite class is Homestead and has been “since ever”.


                Ashley took on the Insanity class, which we introduced in the previous blog post “Choices, Checks and Tests”.  She said it was “a good workout”.  It seemed like she had a enviable schedule and was down at the pond for Fun Swim in another period. “The water was cold”, she stated but reassured that “it felt good”. She too, would be heading up to The Crux at a later period.

            Complications arise, but camp moves on!

      Keep checking back for more summer camp news, and look through the parent section of our website to see your campers class schedule (subject to changes). Also, the pictures keep on coming, so check them out too!


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