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Races and Cheers!

                           The rain could not hold the tribes back.  They met at the MacCready Field.  The skies seemed to clear for just a moment. Perhaps a well wish from The Great Spirit.  Then, the races began.  First in line, was the leap

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Gather Around the Fire

               The hatchet is still buried… for now.  Teams met in the sand pit and competition was already in the air.  Each sounded out their songs, hoping to better their opponents before the battle has even begun.  Within the spirit of

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Summer Class Ain’t Bad!

                Today was the first day of classes! It’s an exciting, but confusing time.  The schedules are passed out to the campers and not long after, they head out to their meeting locations.  Since it is only the first day,

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Rain on the Mandatory Mountains

                      Today, was hike day and Pok-O-Moonshine campers encountered nature in one of its truest forms; unpredictable. All the campers down by the lake had a choice of trips that ranged in difficulty. Some hoofed up towards

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Morning Relay Races at MacCready

             This morning, the sun shined on all the Pok-O-MacCready campers participating in a Pre-Tribal Day Relay Race. Each team sported wacky color-coordinated costumes to represent their groups which were: Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Stripes and Tie-Dye.  Counselors also showed off some

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Our 2017 Camp Family

We’re still awaiting the arrival of several of our campers, but here’s the current group, all gathered together at Sunday evening’s counselor skit night. Click on the image to enlarge, and see other pictures at our online gallery.

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Choices, Checks and Tests!

                  On the second day of summer, campers take turns getting checked out by nurses, hopping into the lake for swim tests and rotating around with their sections for the activity fair.  During this fair, the campers get an overview of all the class options they

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Happy Campers Return!

Sunday marked the start of the 113th summer season at Pok-O-MacCready.  By plane and bus, car and van, campers arrived from places near and far: Plattsburgh to Miami; San Francisco and Los Angeles; Israel and Hong Kong. For many kids, this was the first day, not just

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The Countdown Continues…!

                                  Here at Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camp, in under a week, buses and cars full of campers and their families will be pulling past the Pok-O-Moonshine pillars or onto the MacCready Field. The 113th summer, of the “Greatest Summer

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