Summer Camp Blog: Setting Goals & Moving Forward


“The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” -Confucius

      The goals we set for ourselves and how we plan to attain them can often feel like trying to move a mountain. Our desires can stand in front of us and seem so close, yet so dauntingly high up. The journey’s trail isn’t always nicely laid out. For reasons out of any control, it may be flooded or (in our case now) covered in snow. Sight of the peak might get covered up by trees and almost seem to rise higher and higher as we navigate new paths due to natural adversity. Do not worry.

      A Pok-O-MacCready camper is no stranger to the task of climbing a mountain and sometimes even the simplest seeming hike can present the greatest struggle.  Footsteps can get weary, branches can seem to grab at you and it may seem like the whole world is trying to stop you.  In this struggle is the opportunity for personal and communal growth. Let us think to the quote above, take a breath of fresh air and see how the goals we set can be like small stones or footsteps; rewarding us

  Often, there is no difference in the bright smile of a camper who receives the Pok-O patch or a 46r patch. One can lead to the other. This is an example of setting smaller, more attainable goals in pursuit of a larger one.  Let us think even smaller! A healthy goal can even be “let’s eat lunch up ahead where the trail levels”.  Campers and counselors alike will find a new energy when they know they are about to reach a destination. So, in this new year let us set goals both the size of mountains and molehills.  Move stones, not boulders and we’ll all see each other at the peak.

     Now, let us look ahead for Pok-O-MacCready Camps.  Ski week has ended and instead of good-byes, “see-you-laters” were exchanged.  All because, though it may seem at a distance, summer camp is approaching quickly.  Take a walk down the nature trail and you will hear the banging of busy hammers and saws as the 1812 Homestead’s Candle Shop and Schoolhouse gets fixed up.  Back at the Pok-O-Queen you will hear the busy sounds, of ringing phones and keyboards typing. It’s that exciting time of year where the grounds are slowly restored, stone-by-stone, and the administrative staff works diligently; tending to all campers and family, both new and returning.  The summer is shaping up, but we can use all the help we can get!

     Maintaining Pok-O-MacCready Camps is a great task, much like moving a mountain. There are many stones and it’s takes a group effort.  That is why we look to our Alumni families and anyone who has been a part of this community to help. A couple weeks ago we posted a message from Jack Swan and if you are interested in helping out, give it a read!
Here’s the link (click)

Enjoy your winter, and we’ll see you all soon!


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