Ski Week Update!


      Only days ago, the bus arrived at the MacCready Farmhouse parking lot. Now, we approach our last day at Whiteface for Ski Week 2016. Saturday will be a cold one, but the buzz of a new year has already promised to warm up the campers. It will be another exciting day of winter sports and mountaineering, followed up by a later-than-usual ‘lights out’ to allow for the New Years Eve celebration.  Yet, after a week at the mountain, it will be no easy task to stay awake for the ball drop.

      To recap, we had a high-energy start to the week.  The first day took off well and we got to the mountain earlier than most. Then, despite long days and early mornings, we even managed to eek out to the slopes earlier in the days that followed.  Wonderful lunches were packed and the cookies still continued to boast their popularity.  The Pok-O campers and counselors have become a common sight at Base Camp this time of year, commandeering the corner tables; especially since this is our 50th Ski Week anniversary!

      Ski week is a special time for campers and often acts as a reunion to stave off the longing for another summer. Familiar faces come together to celebrate tradition and share them across the seasons. Hot chocolate and tea still has a policy and saying “tonight” during a meal still causes an explosion of singing.

      Yes, we do ski/snowboard, many hours of it, but the fun does not stop when the snow gloves come off. Nighttime activities during Ski Week include movies, games, filmmaking, hikes and rock-climbing.  Often, with the bursting energy in the Pok-O Queen during this time, it’s hard to fathom that a whole day was spent at the mountain. Yet, there is a curious lack of opposition when it comes time for lights-out. 

      We thought you’d all like to hear more about what goes on here during this special week, so we put together a special ski-week edition of “Ask the Camper” video; . Enjoy!


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