Tandem Finish (Updated)

rp_46LiamLucien1-300x200.jpgFor the first time this summer, there has been a double 46er finish.

Senior campers Lucien and Liam completed their mountains Wednesday afternoon on Whiteface.

Along with their camp friends, the pair were joined by family members.  “They were a little slow, but it was awesome to have them along.”

As for the best part of the day:  “Running up the last 300 feet and getting to the summit.  Really, the feeling was amazing,” said Liam, with Lucien adding that they summited with a twist:  “We
went through the tunnel as a wheelbarrow, in a wheelbarrow formation with Liam holding my ankles.  It was quite fun!”  Check out the picture below:

46LiamLucien5 See a video HERE 46LiamLucien2

The duo made a dedicated effort in 2016, going on countless day and overnight wilderness trips, but Liam mentioned that “I think I got a lot out of the summer too (besides hiking) because I got most of the hikes done in the four weeks, and was able to relax a bit more in the three weeks,” said Liam.

“This year has been defined by hiking for me,” concluded Lucien.  “i’ve found a new love in life.”

Liam and Lucien become the final two campers to finish their 46 in 2016, and join a Pok-O-MacCready climbing club that now has 396 members.

46LiamLucien4   46LiamLucien3


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