Troy Successfully Defends Troy

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A derivative of the camp game Black Line, which itself is adapted from Dodgeball, the Trojan War features a bit of strategy, a bit of luck, and a lot of action.  The second event of 2016 16_trojanwar06Greek Games was held Monday evening.

“I thought it was really cool the way it was a coed activity, and we usually don’t do coed games that are this physical,” reported Lucia of Athens, adding that “it was funny seeing the heroes attack each other with the spears.”

Indeed, one great feature about Greek Games is the fact that counselors compete alongside campers, albeit in limited roles.  “It’s still a lot of fun motivating them… and we have a good times ourselves,” admitted Andrew.

Troy took first place, ahead of Athens, Argos and Sparta (see results HERE).  “I loved it,” raved16_trojanwar19 Trojan Eric H.  “The best part probably was at the end when our team joined with other teams,” he added, referring to the exhibition matches at the end of the night.

The games were all pretty close with a popular feature always being when one team is down to a single player.  That was the case with Julia H of Sparta, who talked about what it was like being the last person standing in her game:  “I think it was very funny because all of the big men were trying to get me.  I was just trying to hold out as long as I could.”

“I got hit a lot, and didn’t hit a lot of other guys but it was still really fun though,” concluded Romir.  “I liked how you could get to do many things at once.”

Greek Games continues Tuesday with The Odyssey and The Peloppenesian War.


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