A Half-Century of Riding (Updated)

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In the 50 years that horseback riding has been a part of Pok-O-MacCready, there has never 16_50thBigMac09been a riding staff so enduring and consistent as there is in 2016.  “These girls have been with me for many years now,” said co-riding director Hayley Higgs.  “And to put up with every thing they need to put up with, and do it well and with great attitudes is amazing.”

It is that attitude – and stable consistency – that made Sunday’s Big MacCready show “one of the smoothest run, best shows we’ve ever done,” according to Higgs.

Alexis, Piper and Sarah S were all division champions at the 50th edition of the Big MacCready.  “It was pretty chillax,” said Piper.  “It was a bit of an easier show for me, but I was really impressed by all of the riders.”



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Among the most impressive riders were the competitive first-timers.  Dean, who took his first 16_50thBigMac14lesson 10 days ago, won his walk-trot class.  “I love riding!  It’s my new passion… and this is the third greatest day of my life,” he said, just a bit sarcastically.

As for her division championship, Sarah shared the glory, mentioning that “It was fun and (her horse) Bailey was really good.  When asked if she gets nervous for competition, Sarah said “not really, because I’ve done a lot of shows, both at camp and at home.”

Maddie C was not able to earn a top placing, but she did win some ribbons and, afterward, said that “I am really happy.  I fell off of a horse the other day and was scared for awhile.  So today proved that I could still do it.”


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