The Pok-O County Fair

16_countyfair15The Pok-O County Fair has become a popular camp special event for three reasons:  1) It creates a great diversion for campers whose parents were unable to attend visiting day.  2) It is a great welcome back to camp for kids that had too say good-bye to their visitors, and 3) with food, games and lots of candy and prizes, it’s a lot of fun!

The fair was held Saturday to the usual rave reviews for the campers.  “It was fun, as usual,” is how Hunter succinctly put it.16_countyfair02

Will said that “I thought it was really fun; all the games were exciting.  I had really good luck with it and hope to do it again next year.”

“The energy was great, and the games were just a ton of fun,” added Sasha, who agreed that it was a good way to be distracted with his parents not being able to come to visit.

Following the fair, with a dinner that included fried dough, corn dogs and Snow Cones, the campers retired to the bingo hall for additional gaming, and dancing.


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