So Nice to See You Again!

EJD_4389For some of our campers, the 3-Week session has flown by.  For others, Visiting Day couldn’t come soon enough!  Parents, friends, and family visited their favorite campers today for a little quality time, some sunshine, and the annual Pok-O Picnic.

Campers got to tour their visitors around camp and showed them what they’ve been up to for the last few weeks.



EJD_4426“Visiting Day was nice.  My family and I went to get ice cream….and then it rained on us…and we got drenched!” said Thomas.  But the short rain-shower didn’t dampen spirits for some other campers who ventured across the lake with their visitors.  Caroline reports, “We went to Burlington VT and did some shopping and had some nice food.  We also walked around on the UVM Campus.”  It’s a good thing they left their scholastic aspirations behind and headed straight back to camp….we’ll let them be kids for just a little while longer.

Meanwhile, some campers stayed behind at camp and made the most of the peace & quiet.  “We got to relax and watch a movie…and have popcorn.  It was a good time.” said Liam.  Those good times kept rolling…right into the Pok-O County Fair.

EJD_4412Campers returning from their Visiting Day excursions were met by a carnival on the Junior ball field, complete with games, food, music, and prizes.

…stay tuned for more news about that soon!




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