City-States Converge at the Annual Olympiad

EJD_4184Yesterday, while the rest of the world awaited the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, the Pok-O world celebrated the opening of its Greek Games with the annual “Olympiad.”  The summer heat did not deter the athletes, who reminded each other to hydrate regularly (as did the marathon runners, who were doused by hoses on every round to help them keep their cool.)


EJD_4114The athletic event, consisting of several track-and-field components, sourced skills from each City-State’s team members, regardless of age or ability level.  Maddie A.’s review of the event pretty much says it all: “I’d say it was challenging.  There were many different activities, so everyone could have something to compete in.  It was a great way to get to know people on your team, and I think the cheers we made up helped boost our team spirit.”  The co-ed event also incorporated campers of all ages, as Chloe B. informs us:  “I got to run and jump hurdles with the older kids.  It was really fun.”

EJD_4105However, the multitude of events occurring simultaneously left some other campers feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  “It was kind of confusing….there was a lot going on at once.  But it was fun to watch.” agreed Kendall R. & Nika S.

Other campers were fine with the event’s intensity.  “I liked that there was so much going on at once.  I got to do Frisbee (discus?) and I thought it was really fun to come up with the cheer for our city-state (Argos)” reports Ryan R.  For any athlete, knowing when to take it easy is important, as in Jackson K.‘s case: “I injured my knee in the off-season, so I stuck to the javelin throw today…but it was fun to be a spectator for the rest of the event.”

EJD_4232The teams will reconvene next week to compete in the 2-day “Greek Games” events.  Only one City-State can come out on top….who will it be?  Gods only know.

Click here to see more photos from the Olympiad event!


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